Peaks Island

I’d planned to go to Peaks Island last week to meet Kathleen but that was before I broke my ankle so I had to cancel. I couldn’t drive myself to the ferry terminal but today Keith and I went. Did I mention he’s a wonderful chauffeur?! We were sitting in the terminal waiting when someone called my name … it was Kathleen!! It was great to meet her in person and I wish I’d thought to have Keith take a photo of the two of us but I didn’t.

She recommended a place for lunch and it was YUMMY and had a great view!


  1. I used to live on Peaks Island! When you get off the ferry, go up the hill and it was across the street at the top. I miss it.

  2. Oh my goodness another yummy lobster roll I am so jealous. It looks like a great view and a nice picture of Keith.

  3. Your husband is just one of those people who looks good in photos – they all look great! Sorry for the personal remark, couldn’t resist.


  4. You two are just the cutest in all of your pictures. No matter what you are doing you look so relaxed and happy. I’ve enjoyed snippets of your travels in Maine.

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