Another old picture

I found this one back in the 2010 photos too and had forgotten all about it. Many times when I’m drafting a quilt I use a limited color scheme and then make it scrappy when I make the quilt.

Looking at my EQ drawing now, I love this color scheme and I have the perfect opportunity to remake it using 8 inch blocks since my new 8 inch HST die will be waiting for me when I get home. Hopefully I can find a good focus fabric and coordinating fabrics in the stash!

The original quilt was drafted and made with 6 inch blocks and you can see the quilt and the scrappy draft pattern at this link.


  1. I love the colors as well as the design. So many ideas, so little time. You amaze me how many quilts that come off your longarm. I get easily distracted. So quilting takes me way too long.

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