Hat #21

I did find my gold yarn and so I continued with the autumn colors. Finished this afternoon – the free pattern is found on the Knot’s of Love site.

This one is called Gloria’s Knit Beanie and you can find it at this link but check out the link above for even more free hat patterns.

Now I have to concentrate on the ripple blanket if I’m going to get that one done before we leave but if I manage that, I might get another gold hat cast on to work on during the ride home.


  1. This is a wonderful site for hat patterns. Thanks for sharing, Mary! Love to see what you are working on each week.

  2. Do you follow Joyce Vance? She just wrote about planning for knitting contingencies and how she lives in fear of being without a knitting project, especially if she finishes one away from home. I had to laugh — I always take a ridiculous number of quilting and/or knitting projects when I leave home, and most of them come home untouched. I’m not nearly as industrious nor as disciplined as you!

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