How funny is it when Pinterest reminds you of quilts you’ve made and forgotten about. So many of my quilts end up there … not because I’ve pinned them but because people have either visited my blog or website and pinned their favorites.

I might just need to remake this one … you can’t see the full quilt because I had it laid out after quilting it at the Big Canoe condo … the space wasn’t big enough to show the full quilt. This was my own layout but I didn’t post instructions on the website. Seeing this photo makes me want to make this one again!


  1. OOhhhhh – I LOVE that quilt. Would you please write up the instructions on how to make one of those? It would be a great way to use of some of my layer cake squares….and it would be a comfort quilt to be given away. Thank you SO much! Deb E

  2. Wow, I really like this! I have never seen a layout like this. I have the templates but have never used them because I was trying to figure out an interesting way to use them. I think THIS is it!This is awesome, Mary!!

  3. Yes please do write up brief instructions for this cool setting – I recently bought a drunkard’s path template set and would like to actually use it, ha!

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