Packing up

We head home VERY early tomorrow morning and will take 2-3 days… it just depends on how the drive goes. I might be able to help a little but we don’t know until we try. I did check with the Dr at my checkup last week and she agreed it was OK to try. I’m still in the boot for walking/weight bearing but of course I can’t drive in the boot so she suggested a splint which I ordered.

I’ve been packing and straightening up and as always, I like to look at what I’ve accomplished … not bad for a vacation!

  • 13 quilts tied during the HeartStrings sew-in
  • 12 hats knit
  • 2 blankets crocheted

I also spent a number of days at the library here and now I’m ready to print out a hard copy of Mom’s Family History book so I can go over it and make any additions/corrections needed – I’ll do that when I get home.

And as I think about getting home and back in my sewing room … I have a list of things to work on. I won’t be quilting for at least 2-3 weeks but I hadn’t planned to anyway. After this summer’s quilting and binding marathon and then being away for 5 weeks, I’m very anxious to just sit at my machine and piece my heart out!

  • Assembling my Triangle and Square blocks into a top for September’s Challenge
  • Making a 3 yard quilt from the Maine challenge fabric
  • Sewing a kid’s quilt along with Kathy and her group in WI
  • Making a Sharon Quilt
  • Making a one color HS (Like Bev’s)
  • Making a Jelly Roll top for October’s Challenge

I’d also give a count of all the lobster rolls I’ve eaten while I’ve been here but I’ve lost count! They were ALL yummy!! 🦞 🦞 🦞


  1. Take your time on the drive home and enjoy the views. Even the repeats are worth seeing again. Safe journey.

  2. Seems like you’ve had the perfect holiday achieving all the things you tackled whilst away. Bet you’ll be glad to be back home again – always nice to be amongst your own things after a break away 🙂

  3. Safe travels, Mary! I will miss all the beautiful photos you’ve shared on this jaunt but I know it will be nice to be back home. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Safe travels home! Piecing is my favorite thing, so I understand that need to just sit down and sew. Today was my first day back at my sewing machine since the hip replacement. It was so satisfying.

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