Hello Sewing Room!

I’ve missed my sewing room and was happy to be back and puttering around in it a bit today. I should have put those fabrics on the ironing board away before I went to Maine. It’s leftovers from projects and backings from the summer. I’m so bad about cleaning up after I finish projects!

I started assembling the blocks on the design wall – was very distracted and only got 4 rows together … 7 more to go.

I also started unpacking … I’ll be dragging that out for the rest of the week but I did pull a couple of the doll quilts Mom made for me to donate. These two will actually get dolls rather than bears. Cabbage Patch makes these cute little animal dolls and I found a couple at the dollar store. They go perfectly with the farm animal quilts Mom made.

This one is a Pig

And this one is a Duck

Mom’s such an over achiever … I asked if she wanted to make a couple doll quilts for me and she sent me home with a total of 8 little quilts so I have some pairing up to do with the bears!

We texted back and forth today and I asked if she wanted some of my leftover novelty fabrics to make some more of these and she said yes! It’s great to be working on another project with her and the kids that will get these dolls/bears and quilts will love them I’m sure.


  1. Those quilts and dolls sure go together great. I’ve never seen those at the Dollar store, guess I need to find some.

  2. Perfect pairings with the dolls and the farm quilts! Some little ones will be in love!!! Your mom probably loves making the small doll quilts as much as you do as they’re a quick finish and going to a terrific cause.

  3. You such an inspiration to me and others with your knitting and quilting. I thinks these dolls paired with the mini quilts are so adorable!! What young child wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one. Thanks for all you do!

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