I’m making progress and have started assembling the scrappy hourglass top but since I don’t have a finish to share, I’ll share a photo of the view from my back window. I love living in a house surrounded by trees! You can see the fall colors are still in full bloom.

I’ve got 2 hats that are ready for the crown decreases but I want a travel knitting project to take along with me on our Tampa trip so I’m going to sit and cast on a scarf now. It’s obscene how much Wollmeise yarn I bought over the years … I’ll be knitting scarves for decades from it with any luck! And you can see that my knitting companion has already settled in to keep me company.


  1. While my view is not quite as spectacular as yours, I do love being able to see lots of trees out my windows. Enjoy your Wollmeise knitting and wishing you a safe trip with only good reports, if you are going down for appointments!

  2. It would be fun to write a story from his perspective about why you unravel the string and stick wooden sticks on it, and then you don’t keep the thing you make. Perhaps you barter them for dog food, or knit messages in the hats like that famous book. Hmmm.

  3. That is a beautiful view Mary. Today we had wisps of flurries, and spatters of rain from time to time. I enjoyed my Tai Chi lesson, and my swim, nd tonight I’m ready to watch some curling, and do a bit of sewing. I’m very grateful that these activities are available to me

  4. What a beautiful view with those autumn colors. I love how the green makes the other colors sparkle. Thanks for sharing this with us today.

  5. What a beautiful view! Our trees are mostly bare now, but the view out of our family room windows was very similar to yours just a couple of weeks ago.

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