Spoiled with choices

Keith and I had lunch at the lake …

I’d planned to hike while I was out and about and Keith asked where I was going to hike but I hadn’t decided.

  1. A short one mile hike?
  2. Two miles alongside the creek?
  3. Four miles to the lower falls and back?

All 3 are favorites but today I chose the 4 mile hike to the lower falls and back. It’s in the mid 80’s here today and feeling a lot like summer. Luckily, I did remember to bring a bottle water with me!

I didn’t get far

Our April challenge was leftovers and since I was in Maine, I want to catch up. I probably should have stuck with my first choice … grab the doll quilt bin and piece a small top from leftovers but I had a bin with a bunch of leftover fat quarter pieces. I started cutting before I realized I wouldn’t have enough fabric to make the quilt as planned so it’s on to plan B. It’s cut and ready to sew and I’ll add a border to make it a bit larger.

Ravelry Queue

I save all kinds of projects in my Ravelry queue but maybe I don’t look through it often enough. I saw a link to a knit cowl that I like on Pinterest tonight and when I went to Ravelry to look it up I found it’s been in my queue since 2016!! Maybe 2022 will be the year it gets made. If you want to check it out … here’s the link.

Simple sewing

I wanted something simple to sew today so I dug in the project bin with the kits/projects I’d put together in January and pulled one for a Happy Block quilt. Just 3 fabrics in this one which makes it quick and easy to sew. The blocks are finished and I’ll assemble the top tomorrow.

I also got out for a 2 mile walk.

Round 2 of the playoffs begin to tonight so I’ll watch Game 1 and work on my crochet blanket. Go Bolts!

Go Bolts!

We had a quiet evening at home – happy hour on the porch and then we watched the Lightning win game 7 and advance to round 2 of the playoffs. Go Bolts!


Keith took a nap after playing pickleball this morning so I went downstairs and wove the ends in on the pink shell blanket. You can find the pattern free on Ravelry at this link.

Afterwards, I made us some Chicken Waldorf Salad for dinner and then we went to the meadows …. I did my walk

Finn convinced Keith to take him to the dog park while I walked. We took him with us on our walk yesterday but we walked and didn’t play off leash … he knows exactly which path leads to the dog park and gets pretty determined NOT to walk past it.

Ready to assemble

I’ve moved a few blocks around since taking this photo and might move a few more but the geese blocks are done. I doubt I’ll sew this weekend … Keith got home tonight and leaves again on Monday … but I’ll get to this on Monday after he leaves and with any luck will end the day with a finished top.

Bolts win in OT!

I was afraid we’d lose tonight and be out of the playoffs but we won in overtime and game 7 will be Saturday night in Toronto. Go Bolts!

I want to start another blanket but I haven’t woven the ends in on the pink shell blanket so I’m knitting on the scarf I started just before we left Maine during the games …

More errands

I don’t like having to run out so often but I’m still making up for being gone a month. There were more errands today but I got my walk in while I was out and had some company for part of it.

I wanted a quick lunch by the lake while I was out too but the snack bar had a sign on the door saying they closed early so I walked over to the pub and ate on the veranda instead.

I did get in a couple hours of sewing after my errands — all the geese are made and I’ve just got 19 blocks left to assemble. I’m loving these geese so much that I’m searching for other quilts to use them in. I’ve got a few drafted that I’ve never made and have found a few other ideas too. I’ve got quilting waiting so I’ll have to decide whether to allow myself one more top after this one or not. I’m tempted to “allow” myself to piece all month without any quilting!