We tried

We’d hoped that eating outside at the Lobster Shack would be a substitute for the anniversary dinner we had planned. It was cold and VERY windy … we ate quickly and didn’t linger and now we’re tucked up nice and cozy back at the cottage. We’ll play some Upwords, Keith and Finn will nap, I’ll crochet a while, and then we’ll listen to the Lightning game later tonight.

While it’s disappointing to have the visit with Mom and Kevin canceled along with all the rest of our plans this week, I’m so grateful for the vaccine and booster that have kept Keith from being seriously ill. And I did my second test today and am still negative.

It’s our Anniversary

I love that I can look back on previous anniversaries on the blog … you know I can’t remember all 33 of them! I didn’t start blogging until the end of 2005 but these are the anniversaries that I documented from that point.

In 2006 I wrote: Then just as I was thinking what a wonderful day I’d had, my husband called from the airport saying his flight was already in and that he’d be at the condo in time to go out to dinner tonight. Since today is our 17th anniversary and I thought he wouldn’t be home until late this evening this was just icing on the cake!

In 2007 I wrote: Keith and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary today. Since we just got back from Hawaii we’re having a low key celebration this evening at home.

In 2008 I wrote : We accomplished a lot this weekend but we’re heading to San Diego tomorrow morning so we won’t get much more done before leaving.

In 2009 I wrote: It hasn’t always been easy but I wouldn’t trade the last 20 years for anything and I’m looking forward to the next 20+.

In 2010 I wrote : There were times over the years I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far – like any marriage we’ve had our share of challenges but I can’t imagine what life would be without Keith and I’m pretty confident that we’ll make it to the “until death do you part” thing!

In 2011 I wrote : 22 years and we’re still having fun!

In 2012 I wrote : Keith and I celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary today or as Chris would say, we all celebrate the anniversary of the day we became a family.

In 2013 I wrote : Keith and I are in Maine for a long weekend celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary!

In 2014 I wrote : Celebrating 25 years together as a family.

Moving has been a big part of our lives … on our anniversary in 2015 I wrote: We have a closing date on the Tampa townhouse – I think the bulk of the work is done on my part and the loan is being submitted for underwriting … I image that I’ll still have a few requests for information as we go through the next few weeks but hopefully nothing too time consuming on my part.

In 2016 I wrote: We were married on the screen porch at Keith’s parent’s house and the boys were right by our side. Chris always insists that this is his anniversary too! If only Keith knew what he was getting into 27 years ago he might have run away!

In 2017 I wrote : I didn’t sew a stitch today …
I did do a 10 K with Keith (that’s 6.2 miles) and then we went out to dinner to celebrate our 28th anniversary. We chose a restaurant that has a lot of memories for us. We first went to Armani’s 20+ years ago with his father when we lived in the Tampa area.

In 2018 I wrote : I told Keith not every woman would be happy to spend her 29th anniversary watching a hockey game but we had lots of fun! This was the first day I really felt well enough to go out and watch one of the games at our local pub and they won! Moving on to round two.

In 2019 we celebrated in DC and I wrote : 30 years ago today we became a family! We had a small wedding on Keith’s parent’s back porch with no photographer. It was my second marriage, my Dad had died just a few months earlier and I didn’t want anything elaborate or fussy. A low key wedding suited us just fine!

In 2020 I wrote : Our 31st anniversary is today and we both had a laugh … who knew that 31 years would be our porcelain anniversary?! The plumber will be here this morning addressing a number of issues and installing new toilets.

In 2021 I wrote : I’ve got one more day to make the sewing room neat enough to walk the movers through it and I did get in there this afternoon in spite of not feeling great. I didn’t get “sick” with my 2nd COVID vaccine shot but I had a headache and just felt off most of the day. I was pretty discouraged this afternoon, I don’t know if it was not feeling well or just that I seem to have too much stuff. Poor Keith, I don’t feel like we properly celebrated our anniversary today – 32 years. I’m hoping for many more and next year we’ll do a better job of celebrating!

So now it’s “next year” and I’m calling this one the COVID anniversary…we do have plans to get outside and visit Two Lights Park and eat at the lobster shack …. Not the anniversary I’d planned but just VERY thankful for the vaccines and boosters that made Keith’s infection with COVID a fairly mild illness rather than what it might have been like without the vaccine.

I am SO lucky I found this man and he was brave enough to take on me and the boys 33 years ago!

Finn again

Are you tired of Finn photos?! My knitting and crochet are slower than my quilting so I don’t have photos to show every day or so but I am making progress on the pink scarf and the linen stitch blanket.

So how about another photo of Finn from our walk today when we got home?!

Keith’s isolation ended today and we took a drive up to Brunswick Maine (masks on and windows open). He wanted to check out a competitor’s manufacturing location and we had lunch outside. It was little cool and windy but we have another 5 days of mask wearing in indoor areas…. 5 days assuming I stay negative – yep, my first test today was negative and I’ll test again tomorrow per the guidelines.

My first lobster roll in 5 days and it was yummy!


Keith and I were just talking today about our photo memories and how great the technology is that creates the memory videos from our MANY digital photos and how we need to sort through the earlier ones that aren’t digital … and then tonight I was looking for a photo and came across this one of Caleb and Keith. I LOVE that little boy so much and he’s growing up fast. He will be 12 next month.


You know how one thing leads to another?! I saw on Facebook where my sister and brother were off on a quick vacation … and realized I’d just seen a cousin post that they were at the same place with my uncle. I don’t know if they’ve already missed each other or not but I wrote them both to let them know. And that got me thinking… there’s a lot I don’t like about Facebook but I LOVE how easy it is to keep up with family. I have a VERY large extended family and while I keep in close touch with most of my immediate family, I’m grateful that Facebook allows me to keep in touch with some of the extended family which includes nieces and nephews and cousins.

And I just had to go to my Ancestry app and count how many cousins I have … do you know offhand? I counted 29! I’m not in contact with them all but I’d be in contact with a lot fewer of them without Facebook.

Mom is from the Edenton area in North Carolina, Dad is from Philadelphia… we grew up in Virginia … and I’ve moved from Virginia to Florida, to Georgia, to Minnesota, to Florida, to Georgia … so for many many, years there’s been no family nearby (I’m not counting the boys). It’s nice to still be able to connect.

Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching us the importance of family!


I like how my cameras let me keep an eye on things when we’re away. Look how green everything is getting!

And those cats….There are 4 different ones that come around – there were two last night – and I always wonder how they survive outside with all the wildlife in the area but that one is quite the fat cat and looks like it’s doing just fine.

Isolation continues

We’re lucky the cottage here has an extra bedroom allowing us to sleep in separate rooms during this isolation period. While we do spend a little time together in the living room wearing masks and with the entire width of the room between us, I’ve been staying upstairs and Keith downstairs.

And look, we even managed to find a digital Upwords app so yesterday evening when he was feeling a little better and was bored, we were able to play from our separate rooms. We played again tonight and right now we’re tied, 3 wins each (you know I’m always keeping score!)

This was COVID day 4 and Keith is doing better. I’m expecting to be able to end his isolation after tomorrow (5 days per CDC guidelines) if his symptoms don’t worsen again. His biggest issue by the end of the day today was his fatigue. The fever is gone for now (hopefully for good) and the cough and headache have improved. He’s still fairly congested. His sense of taste is diminished but luckily not gone completely and he did enjoy the chicken nachos I fixed for dinner.

And of course assuming we can end his isolation, per the CDC guidelines we’ll both continue to wear masks for an additional 5 days in any indoor setting including at home when we’re in the same room. He has vacation time scheduled this week, some half days and a full day on Thursday because we expected my Mom and brother to be visiting and I’m hoping we can get outside together and enjoy some of our favorite Maine spots.

Yesterday was rainy and I wasn’t able to get out for anything other than a few quick potty walks with Finn but today was sunny so Finn and I walked on the beach and to the bluff – Finn loves the beach even if I don’t let him off leash like the other dogs!

Something new

I finished both my Kindle book and my audiobook in the last day or two and started new ones. Both have kind of grabbed my attention right from the beginning.

I love reading mystery/suspense and history books. Mostly non-fiction for the history but a good historical novel is always interesting to me too … of course, first I have to weed out the “romance” ones. I don’t have any interest in them although there was a time many years ago that I read my share of romance novels.

The Kindle book I’m currently reading
The audiobook I’m currently listening to…

There’s a link on the sidebar to my GoodReads page where I keep a record of the books I’ve read but I’ll warn you my rating scale is my own … 3 stars = a good book. I don’t seem to give 5 stars but a 4 star book is one that I really enjoyed reading… and 1 or 2 stars are books that I would not recommend although everyone’s taste is different so just because I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy a book doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Taking over

Look who’s happy to be taking over Keith’s side of the bed! We’re sleeping in separate rooms (per the CDC guidelines) and yes, that’s my quilt on the bed. We do bring our own sofa and bed quilts with us when we’re here for the month. Makes it more like home and I don’t worry about Finn sleeping/sitting on my quilts when others might not appreciate having an animal on their bedspreads and throws.

Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all for your concern for Keith and Mom. Mom tells me she’s been feeling better and I’m hoping Keith will feel better soon too.