What I’m listening to

Did you ever see the movie Hidden Figures? I did and found it interesting in part because it took place where I grew up – the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. When I was searching for my next audiobook (I listen to history or mystery books) I came across the book My Remarkable Journey by Katherine Johnson. I’m finding the book even more interesting than the movie (as I do most books).

Listening to the in-depth discussion about the Newport News/Hampton area in the 50’s and 60’s ( I was born in 1961), the information about NASA’s history, and her personal story of being a black woman during a time of segregation and transition in the south have really engaged my interest. I find myself looking up places mentioned on a map to see how close they were to where I lived and went to school. I also find it very sad to think about where we are so many years later … still dealing with rampant racism and our inability to learn to treat people with kindness and respect.

Letting Go

You know I donate a lot of quilts but sometimes I hold on to one for a while. In this case, I held on to it for years! This is one I made based on a vintage quilt and it was published in Quilty Magazine in 2012. I always intended to give this one away and today, I decided it was way past time to donate it so I pulled it out and removed the hanging sleeve. It’s never been used or displayed but the magazine requested that it have a hanging sleeve when I sent it to them for photographs.

I’ve had some of my quilts published in books or magazines and most of them have been related to my work with HeartStrings. I never went looking to be published but I would get requests from time to time and that’s what happened with this one. I don’t like working to deadlines or to someone else’s specifications which is why for the most part I choose to write brief instructions for my quilts and post them for free on my website. There are instructions for this one at this link. I’d like to remake this quilt one day myself …

This was the shot from the magazine

Happy Halloween

The trees here are still more green than fall colored but it’s starting to look pretty in the front yard.

After Adam and the kids left and after Keith played pickleball, we went to pick up the pictures we had framed at Michael’s. Adam drew them all for us. The two watercolors are mine and they’ll go downstairs in my space and the pencil drawing of Keith’s parents will go in his office.

We got photos of the kids from both of the boys. They both had good weather for Halloween!


Another group HeartStrings top was quilted tonight. Also one from the batch of tops that Sue sent me to quilt and donate and it’s #9 of 21 tops to be quilted before the end of November. Pantograph is Apollo.

I had a bit of a challenge when the tablet blanked out on me when was in the middle of a row. When I turned it back on and pulled up my quilt (luckily I’d remember to save the file), my “dot” wouldn’t move. I could reposition it but it would not move as I moved the machine and you can’t follow the pattern if the dot doesn’t move. Before panicking, I did what you should always do with electronics that start acting funky, I closed the program and turned everything off. I was able to line my pattern back up and resume quilting after turning the tablet back on and opening my Pantovision program.

One thing that wasn’t a challenge was quilting this top. You never know what you’re going to get when someone else pieces a top and String blocks can be very stringy … this one was very well made and someone took the time to press and remove all those threads that seem to get caught in the seams when working with these leftover bits. It was a pleasure to work on a quilt where the quilters (the blocks were probably pieced by one quilter and assembled by another) paid such close attention to their work.

I also managed some knitting while watching the Lightning game before coming down to quilt. They’ve had a rough start to the season but they won tonight.


The raccoons and possums come around just about every night.

The fox makes appearances now and then.

The coyote now comes around every night or two. Always showing up on the same camera by the stairs – maybe because there’s so much other wildlife activity there?

There are fewer deer visiting this time of year but one or two still show up daily on the cameras.

The chipmunk(s) sets off the cameras 50 times a day or so it seems … must be gathering nuts for the winter. The yard is certainly full of nuts!


Becky must have known I was knitting hats! She sent me this photo of Mo today saying they were digging out the fall and winter clothes and Mo was doing a fashion show with the hats. This was one I knit back in 2015 for Rae and it’s from this book – over the years I’ve knit a number of hats from it and I’d forgotten I’d bought the Kindle version too. I’ll have to add a couple to this year’s line-up!

Another hat

I’d hoped to get back in the longarm room today but that didn’t happen. Just more knitting and resting and Finn was happy to sit with me

3rd time’s the charm!

In the ongoing tree saga, the 3rd attempt is a winner. We were looking for an indoor, year around tree to keep up like we had in the Big Canoe condo (I know it’s kind of weird to leave it up all the time). The first one was too short … the second one too “christmasy”

….but the 3rd one is close to what we had. More rustic. We’ll stick with this one!