Another lazy day

It’s rare that I visit a city without doing a lot of exploring but this trip is just for relaxing.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the spa – the spa pool area was almost completely empty and the view was great. Hopefully when we head home tomorrow I’ll be refreshed and ready to finish unpacking and get back to my quilting.

6 thoughts on “Another lazy day

  1. SandyQuilts

    A Spa day … oh sounds wonderful. I have schedule the end of May but unfortunately it’s here in town and not San Diego. Safe travel home.

  2. Deb

    Well, you ought to be well rested after this lazy week! Better save some of that recuped energy for MQS!

  3. Annemiek

    There’ll be plenty of work to do when you get home, so enjoy while you can! Sounds like a lovely way to pass time..

  4. cottagelover

    Mary, come home, I miss your quilting, enough of this lazing around, going to spas, soaking up the sun stuff.
    Get Quilting!!!!

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