29 thoughts on “I’ve been bad!

  1. Anonymous

    Be kind to yourself … it’s Lent and I subscribe to the belief that rather than DEPRIVE ourselves we should do MORE … in your case that was a little fabric shopping. You helped the economy so you’ve done your part! GOOD GIRL!!

  2. AverettLadyNana

    Well, it’s ok looks like you did really really good…hope you left something there for me. First planned on going tomorrow, then Sunday because S-i-L working/off Sunday….but dd just called and he thinks he’ll be home so we can run out tomorrow afternoon and we’ll go back Sunday when he’s off and can keep the three yr. old, two year old and 5 mo. old. My DH wants to run up to Richmond Saturday.

  3. Nanci

    there’s an old saying.”it’s so good to be bad” and that’s you.
    It’s hard to drive by a shop that has all those threads put together and called “fabric”, we all know the feeling Mary.

  4. Vicki W

    That’s not so bad! I think this year the vendors were better than ever with a wide variety of cool stuff to choose from. It was great to see you and your Mom again and to meet Ann. It was a fun day, I enjoyed every minute of it.

  5. Kathie

    oh those fabrics look wonderful!!!!!
    I think you needed to treat yourself to a few new pieces of fabric you have done such a great job making quilts this year!
    so what will you make with all those pinks and browns???

  6. Lori in South Dakota

    Mary’s been being bad AND WE ALL WANT TO BE WITH HER!!! Come on Mary, unfold all those fabrics later so we can all drool! What’s the plan??? Do you have a project in mind?

  7. GailM.

    I have that book. I’m thinking of taking a class with Miss Carole this summer in Maine. Crazy quilting is a new passion of mine. I only wish more of the book was in color!

  8. Lori

    Oh so bad!! lol But carry on, then when you’re sure you’ve been as bad as you can be…I sentence you to a slap on the wrist (with some new rulers of course!!)

    Lori in VA

  9. Dianne

    But sometimes, BAD is GOOD! And that sure looks good to me! I also indulged yesterday…pics tomorrow. I’m off to Stitches West today for some yarny stash enhancement…talk about BAD!

  10. Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog

    Mary, There is no better book on crazy quilt stitches in the world!! You did a good job!!

  11. Anonymous

    My grandfather always said to do quality work- you need quality equipment and supplies.
    Looks to me like that’s what you are preparing. So– not a bad thing. just preparing to do quality work.

  12. jan

    No, not bad, you are just investing in the future….well that is my excuse when I’ve been bad!!! Janet in UK

  13. Jeanne

    It looks pretty good to me. VBG You need to stock up every once in awhile. Glad you’re enjoying your trip.

  14. Quilt Hollow

    It was so neat to fun into you at the quilt show! I helped the economy a bit myself! It is so hard to slap our own hands and say no!

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