On the Vine

I finished piecing the rows last night and today added the borders — I’m calling this one *On the Vine* since so many comments mentioned vines (tomatoes, flowers, etc!)

It’s bigger than the design wall as you can see, a generous 58 x 79 and I went with plain borders since I had the pretty floral print.

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19 thoughts on “On the Vine

  1. Evelyn

    It’s really lovely! And I always love the pictures of your quilts hanging on your porch. Makes me wish I was there with a cup of hot tea, to sit outside and watch the world go by…

    I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the free quilt instructions you have on your web site. I’ve made a “quick strippie”, and a “happy blocks” for Project Linus, and I look forward to doing more. Thanks again!

  2. Litamora's Quilt & Design

    That quilt is just beautiful! And thanks for being a source to inspiration! I’m doing one of your patterns, the double 4patch, and I’ve had so much fun doing this! Wish I had some more time to sew, but I’m just happy I’m able to sew and make quilts and stuff, at all :o)
    Happy sewing!

  3. bettyp

    Mary, this one is a Beauty indead!!! Love the colors !! You do get a lot done !!

  4. Exuberant Color

    I love red and green quilts, and the soft greens are perfect in this one. I love the picture of it hanging over the railing by the geranium. Pure summer look.

  5. Deb

    Oh Mary, that quilt looks absolutely bea-u-ti-ful next to the geraniums!!! No surprise that I’m lovin’ it~ geraniums are my favorite plant/flower, and well, that quilt-thing? They’re my favorite, too!!! I can’t decide if it looks like you planted the flowers to go with the quilt, or if you made the quilt to go with the flowers !! (even tho’ I know the flowers were there first) Do you happen to know the name of the border fabric, from the selvage? I just love seeing/watching the quilts that you “crank-out”!! Awesome eye-candy~

  6. QuiltSue

    That is one gorgeous quilt. If you get tired of it ever, I’d give it a good home in the UK. (gg)

  7. GailM.

    I love how the flowers match the accent color. I love how it looks on your deck… Sweet.

  8. Lori in South Dakota

    On the vine, great name. I like those colors, those are “me” colors!

  9. Denise in PA

    I just love these colors – they are so summery – this quilt is gorgeous.

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