Organizing and Cleaning my Studio

Once again the mess in my sewing studio has gotten out of control. I cleaned it up completely last October before having a Bee group from my guild meet at my house and since then it’s been piling back up. Now it’s to the point I can’t even stand to be in the room.

I hate spending quilting time cleaning especially when I’ve been out of town. When I come home I want to get right back to work and not *waste* time straightening and cleaning.

Disscusion on the Stashbuster list about how others approach their quilting spaces and some direct feedback to me from a posting I made has been really helpful.

I’ve decided that prior to doing any quilting I’ll clean up one area in the room. Yesterday I cleared out the floor by my desk. I couldn’t even move my chair back without bumping into stacks of books or one of two filing boxes I had sitting in this area. Now I can move my chair or walk through this area without bumping into things.

I won’t get any sewing done today because we’re heading off to the mountains in a hour but I did clean off my cutting table. I’m going to keep at it and by the time I have my Bee group here again in May I won’t have to worry about the mess.


  1. Mary…first off…I am so glad you made it home safe after your flat tire. Scary! And thank you strange man for helping Mary out!I too need to get busy and get some tidying done in MCM. I don’t always put things away between projects so it piles up and then I have to do a clean up time. Right now I am in need of cleaning up, which I will be doing tonight.

  2. Your space is so neat! Good job! I clean between projects, but this one has been dragging out, so the mess has piled up! But you inspire me! LOL

  3. I’m chuckling as I catch up on blog reading…*VBS* Of all the things I could have posted about after being gone a few days, I chose the stash section that was hit by Hurricane Sam as it blew through WI…must be the moon phase that gets us noticing such as that? Hugs for a job well done, Finn

  4. Blogger woudn’t let me post about your tire – so I will say here that I too am happy that you had some help and got safely home.And, you haven’t cleaned your sewing room since October!!! Ha, ha, ha, I am laughing sooo hard – of course it was piling up on you. So, good for you for taking a little time to organize, even if it did take a bite out of your sewing time – the next time you do sew in your room you will be much more productive and organized!Cheers!Evelynaka Starfishy

  5. good going Mary! way to approach an overwhelming task. I am in the ignore the mess mode still. I have cleaned up a few small areas-so it’s not as bad as it used to be. After my current project cleaning is top of the list!

  6. Mary: I do the same thing . . let things get to be such a mess that I don’t even want to face the sewing room. Good for you for getting at least the cutting table clean.Judy L.

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