Another 10 miles and progress on Chris’ quilt

To respond to recent comments about my hiking, I’m still preparing for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk in October so regardless of the weather I feel I have to be out there *training*. It’s tough with the heat and humidity but I drink LOTS of water.

Keith has been out of town since Monday morning and was waiting for me today when I got in from another 10 mile hike. He took me to dinner at one of my favorite places – PF Chang’s – and because it was unexpected it was especially nice!

I’ve only got about 1/4 of the quilting left on the Wedding Quilt – this pantograph is taking a little longer than usual but I like how it’s looking.

I won’t post a picture of the quilt so it will be somewhat of a surprise but Chris does know the color scheme – scrappy red/beige – and the pattern – double 4 patch – so I’ll post my EQ5 drawing of the quilt. You’ll have to image the quilt as scrappy and the lights ranging from cream to tan. I like quilts without borders and this one doesn’t have one. To see this in green – check out Mom’s version that I quilted for her a month or so ago.


  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of double 4 patch, and like it more each time I see it. I look forward to when you can post a photo of the red/beige one, your Mom’s turned out so well.

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished product. When are you presenting it to Chris?I like the pattern and the strong graphic effect. Rhapsody does take time, but I love the way it looks when it’s done.

  3. I remember, your mom’s turned out AWESOME (I love that warm green) I think Hanne did one in purple & white too. That is a versatile pattern. I keep thinking about doing is scrappy – maybe with “Authentic” scraps, instead of cuttings from my “yardage.” :o) Or was it triple 4 patch… I need to look at my collection of .pdfs.

  4. I am looking forward to see the finished quilt 🙂 It is the same pattern I made for DD1, and I hope to start quilting the first half this evening

  5. Mary, that was the green quilt that I love so much! Can’t wait to see it in red. I’m definitely impressed with your dedication to training in this weather! I hate even walking to the mail box!!Judy L.

  6. That is so simple and so gorgeous. I love the version you did for your Mom, can’t wait to see the ‘real life’ picture of this one!

  7. Simple, classic and it will be stunning when quilted. No way does it need borders–those would just detract from what is chaining through the quilt, I think.I’ve eaten at PF Chang’s in Birmingham before—yummmy. They had an ground meat appetizer rolled in chilled lettuce leafs that was outstanding, to my memory, still trying to figure out what the sauce was, LOL.

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