I head back home in the morning and hopefully the delay for screening at the airport won’t be too bad. I fly back to Atlanta through the Newport News/ Williamsburg airport which is pretty small (although it’s gotten really busy in the last year or so) and I’m planning to carry on only my book and purse. Of course just because I’m not carrying on a ton of baggage that has to be screened doesn’t mean everyone else won’t!

Judy posted how much she dislikes flying but luckily I don’t mind it. I love to travel and with all my family living some distance and Keith traveling frequently for work I usually fly at least once or twice a month. People always tell me how much they hate the airport in Atlanta but it’s been been our *home* airport for the last 4 years and when you’re used to flying out of there it doesn’t seem so crazy. However, I’m sure the delays out of Atlanta will be bad until the threat level goes back down. Maybe things will settle down before we fly to Seattle on the 23rd.


  1. From what I’m hearing on the news, the threat levels may stay high until after 9/11. I don’t like flying but it’s for physical reasons. Also, I know it’s only my prayers that keep the plane in the air. Irrational, I know.

  2. I could only think of one of my friends who had family ready to fly out of England sometime around now—gosh, what if they had not caught wind of all this? We cannot let fear rule our lives. Still, things like this just remind us of the changing world we live in.

  3. I like the Atlanta airport and usually have a stopover there on my way to jacksonville, fl to see my sis. i too am flying this weekend. just need to bring a “pint of patience” and a good book. Safe travel !!

  4. hope you made it home okay – I don’t mind flying either but the long waits at the airport are getting to be a drag – hope you had a good book

  5. Oh, Mary! If you don’t mind the Atlanta airport, you can handle *anything*! Vince has to fly into there Sunday. Hope you’ve made it home safely.Judy L.

  6. You are one of very few (that I know) who like to fly. But then, you are a reader and any one who reads can endure long lines and delays!

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