Another 5 blocks finished on the Autumn quilt and the final 10 in process. Keith has a business dinner tomorrow night so I hope to finish the blocks late afternoon or early evening tomorrow.

Adam, my younger son, will be coming home to get fitted for his tux for the wedding tomorrow. He’s just 2 and 1/2 hours away on the other side of Atlanta but he works ALL the time and we don’t see him much. He’s only got the day off so he’ll drive home, go to lunch with us, get fitted for his tux, and head back.


On the topic of my trash, I had several interesting comments. Angie makes doggie beds and Eileen puts hers in a canning jar. I like the idea of a large jar or vase with the layers showing the different quilts I’m making. When the jar gets full – the scraps could go into a doggie bed and be donated. I have tons of batting scraps too so maybe Angie can tell me how she goes about making the doggie beds.


  1. We all love scraps! Even more than that, we all love other people’s scraps. Lets face it–we are nuts! Your Pineapple quilt is fabulous! The colors are striking! I have been wanting to try that one also. But today I am trying to get the borders on the Stash Shoo fly quilt. It never ends! Nor do I want it to.

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