I’ve been bad….very bad

I saw this antique quilt posted for sale on the Little Quilts blog and I loved it. Love log cabin quilts and love this quilt. However with my move and everything else going on I had no intention of purchasing this quilt. I don’t even have room for all the quilts I have since I’m losing ALL of my beds along with my house.

So this morning I had to return my cable boxes to the Comcast store and it just happened to be over by Little Quilts. I decided I’d stop in one more time before the move and had already forgotten about seeing this quilt. Anyway, the quilt was hanging on the wall, still for sale, and it just had to come home with me.


I’ve been running around feeling like I’m not getting anything accomplished and I finally figured out why as I was writing Keith an email telling him all the little tasks I had gotten done yesterday.

I’m a list maker.

I have lists for quilts quilted, for UFO’s, for stash fabric used, for quilts donated, etc. All of which help make me feel productive and keep me motivated – I just LOVE marking things off a list when they’re done – makes me want to finish more things and mark them off the list too.

For this move, I haven’t made as many lists as usual. My tasks are all floating around in my head and I don’t have a piece of paper with all the things I’ve accomplished marked off.

So my lesson learned is: make lists – mark tasks off as they are completed – feel good!

Quilt Photo’s

Since I can’t sleep I decided to set up a Webshots album with quilt photos posted this year on my blog. I frequently find myself searching back through old posts to find a particular picture of a quilt to show someone in response to a question or comment and I decided it would be easier to have all the quilt photos in one place.

The new layout features of beta blogger certainly made it much easier to post the link on the sidebar too. Not all of these were made this year but they were posted on the blog for one reason or another.

Mary’s Webshots Album

Countdown: 3 days until the packers arrive

I caved in

I’d just commented that I wasn’t going to change over to beta blogger yet but decided what the heck I might as well get it out of the way. I didn’t have any problems with the switch and getting my sidebar set back up was pretty easy.

Since most of the issues seem to be with comments we’ll see how it goes.


I’m still sneaking in a few quilt related activities even if I haven’t blogged about them or posted pictures. Tonight I washed and dried the Red/White flying geese table quilt and it’s ready to send to my Mom.

I also finished fusing the last 6 blocks for a block of the month quilt I’ve been working on with her. (She’s doing all the work of stitching them down for me.) I’ve decided I won’t do another one of these – if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I’d even have the first block done.

I also finished a crocheting a hat for Mom, am about 1/2 way through a scarf for her, and I finished a scarf for myself tonight. I still have to weave some ends in – my least favorite part!

Countdown – 4 days left before the packers come!

Visiting family

I’ve been in Virginia since Thursday visiting my Mom for her birthday and last night my brothers, sisters, and I all took Mom out to dinner. It was the 2nd time in last last few months we all had an opportunity to get together and it was really nice even if we did spend some time before dinner arguing. It’s funny how people raised the same way can have such different opinions and beliefs.

I’ll be home Tuesday afternoon.

Does he miss Keith?

I think Chesty looks pretty happy to have Keith’s flannel quilt all to himself!

This was a quilt I made from a package of fat quarters that were a gift. Keith wasn’t crazy about the colors but wanted a flannel quilt so he accepted it anyway. Nice of him wasn’t it? When I was deciding whether to leave any quilts here for Chris and Becky, I asked did he want to leave this one since I’ve made two flannel backed Autumn quilts that he likes the colors of much better. He’s very attached to this quilt now and he said no way. It’s flannel front and back so it’s really warm and he’s apparently gotten used to the colors.