When it rains – the ceiling collapses!

Chris and Becky are at the Marietta house for a couple days and when they got there last night they found that there was a leak in the roof and part of the ceiling had collapsed in the master bedroom.

Luckily, Chris was able to take off work and get a roofing company out to look at it today. They’ll repair it ASAP next week and in the meantime Chris is putting some tarps up so that we don’t get anymore damage.

This is SO not what I needed right now!


  1. Isnt’ it the PITS when you are far away and can do NOTHING! Our daugher used to call me from college, crying…and only thing I could do was listen! Frustrating!

  2. Yikes! You are so lucky that they went to the house and no further damage was done… last year after I left my Dad’s the hose to the fridge to make ice sprung a leak and flooded the house – my sister went by after 1 week and immediately called the ins. co. AND major repairs had to be done – new sheetrock, carpeting, paint, professionally dry out the cabinets, etc., etc. Needless to say – Dad now has a new refrigerator that does NOT make ice! Who would think such a silly little thing would cause so much damage? It will be OK – things can get fixed long distance. Hang in there.



  3. Thank goodness they were there and discovered it! Just concentrate on the beautiful view from your window now – and the knowledge that your roof can’t leak there!

  4. Im sorry to hear of the damage to your home. As you say, its is soooo not what anyone needs to happen, especially long distance. Hope the repairs go smoothly.

  5. Hugs Mary! It will be ok. This is why we have insurance. I tried to read back and see what the reason for your move was. I assume hubby’s job. Hope Chesty gets settled in soon. Sounds like you both are! Enjoy your blog!

  6. That is exactly what you don’t need—yikes, Mary. Looks like Chris was right on top of things though.

    Looks like the new digs are shaping up with the fabric and tops being put up and the new long arm in place. Lots of work setting up the household.

  7. Yowwww! Not good but as my grandma would say, “At least nobody got hurt.” Just think. Next Jan. you will laugh about this!

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