UFO # 1

I finished my first UFO last night. It’s just a simple strippie pattern I made up a few years ago using one kiddie focus print and 2 coordinates – I use this design to make quick donation quilts. Everything is cut in strips WOF and then alternated between skinny acent strips, a plain strip, and then the focus print. The plain strips are usually a good spot to try some border designs – hearts in this case.

6 thoughts on “UFO # 1

  1. Really cute, Mary. With all those cats in the kiddie print my DGD would love that- so will Calico Quilter! Glad that you are up and quilting again after the move.


  2. As a Momma of a 3.5 year old – I can tell you that a little child will LOVE this quilt. Do it with construction trucks and my son would be on cloud nine! I wonder when you cut the solid strips if you cut them the width of a panto you already have on hand? It looks good in anycase.




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