I have SNOW too!

I can’t believe how fast this accumulated. I was just commenting on a couple blogs that we were finally supposed to get some snow and went to turn off the light by my cutting table and everything was already covered in less than 30 minutes.

I’m supposed to take Chesty to the vet tomorrow afternoon but you can bet I’m not driving. I haven’t driven in snow or ice in many years and I’m not going to start tomorrow.


  1. what a beautiful photo especially as you can see the street lights are on. I would love to spend part of my Winter in snow but it won’t happern here in Australia 🙁

  2. I am guessing the they have snow removal equipment in Minnesota – it would make such a difference here if they could get the snow off the road before it becomes a problem. Stay warm.

  3. Ooooh Mary, what a beautiful picture!!! I know it’s a hardship for everyone that HAS to go out in it but oh I do love it and I do miss it here in northeast TN. 🙂

  4. Looks pretty until you have to go out in it!

    I am hoping for at least a school delay tomorrow, but I have a feeling that our district is feeling brave this year.

  5. Hi, Mary. I just joined Heartstrings and thought I’d peek at your blog. Your apartment looks beautiful and what a great view! Do you have two places? I’m a little unclear. Your dog is so cute. I live in a ‘burb of St. Paul. Welcome to MN!

  6. Looks so peaceful, and no traffic! I’m betting that some place like MN will have the plows out in just a few minutes and you won’t have any problem with the roads in the city. Did Keith make it home yet?

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous view! But I’m like you—tain’t no way I’m driving in this stuff unless it is a dire emergency. KC got the ice this weekend–great day to stay in and sew.

  8. Beautiful to look at, but stay safe inside. The snow fall in the Alps and Pyrennes has been really this year and the ski resorts are using snow machines!

  9. I was feeling cold…till I saw your SNOW! BRRR I need more coffee! Phoenix hit 26 last night and fountains are frozen over in parts of the city! I bet Chesty would be more than HAPPY to cancell his vet appt! He looks jaunty in that red sweater…off to string piece…

  10. Hi Mary, You are settling in quickly! Your string blocks are really neat. I haven’t tried that yet, but I am saving strings! The snow looks pretty, but it doesn’t slow things down much in MPLS. They will plow all night long if necessary. They will especially keep the city streets clear. It is an adventure, isn’t it? I am enjoying Virginia–it was 75 here today! Take care and stay warm!

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