I should stay in but I want to walk in the snow!

Did you see the picture of Mom’s daffodil’s I posted last week? It’s certainly not spring in Minneapolis on this first day of March!

I’ve been busy finishing up a quilt for Mom. I didn’t line up one of my rows right and had to pick out stitches AGAIN! I’ve had to frog some on my last 3 quilts – hopefully I’m done with that now since trouble usually comes in 3’s. Yes, I did use the Baptist Fans again but Mom has wanted one of her quilts done with the fans since I got the template. Since it was already on the table from my last quilt – I brought home her baskets with me from my trip to her house and went ahead and quilted that one first.


  1. I hate to tell you but I will anyways! LOL! It is in the upper 70’s and gorgeous today! Although I love the sunshine, I miss the snow!

  2. It has been snowing here for a solid week. It is incredibly beautiful, not too cold and great quilting weather! I love it. But I will be glad to see spring when it finally arrives.

  3. bless your heart for WANTING to walk in the snow! i just want the snow to GO AWAY ALREADY! :o)spring is bound to come…sooner or later.

  4. The daffodil’s are beautiful. Fan quilting is perfect for this one. Walking in the snow is so nice. Just smelling the snow and look at the snowflakes falling down.

  5. I love your Mom’s quilt! Once again the fans do not fail! You have perfect lighting in your studio to take quilt pictures by the way. The pictures you show us show the quilting perfectly!

  6. You were FIRST on Bloglines that I wanted to check out this AM — I just KNEW you would have some actual photos of that snowstorm! It missed us completely in Western Nebraska. And that walking in the snow — how lovely – most of the time everyone gets in such a hurry to clear it away.Your Mom’s daffodil quilt is just lovely! And the fans make it even better. Thanks for all the posting.

  7. Oh, Mary it’s beautiful. The fans are perfect for that quilt. In my opinion you could those fans on everythings – I love them. LOLLooking out your window is like looking into a snowglobe! I miss days like those – watching the snowfall and the peacefulness of the day. I’m on the surface of the sun and sometimes I get sick of the sun! LOL

  8. We are finally getting some warmer weather. Your snow is pretty, but I hope we don’t get any more.Your Mom’s quilt is really pretty. The fans are just what it needs.

  9. Mary,OHHHHH…I WANT to be in MN this week! There hasn’t been a good blizzard there in about 7-8 years or so and I MISS THEM!!! As long as you have enough food and beer…life is good! LOL…thanks for the great snow pics! I hope you enjoyed your walk…nothing like a nice walk in the snow!HugsLaurie

  10. I really like this quilt. It’s charming and vintage looking. I am hooked on quilting fans on my quilts. I just hand quilt mine because I don’t have a long arm. My mom quilted all her quilts with fans also.

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