Another UFO

This blue and green rail fence variation was made from leftover strips and didn’t quite turn out like I expected. (You can see a photo of the top here.) I’d expected it to look more like the version I made from my leftover red and purple strips.

So it sat on the shelf until last night when I pulled some fabric for a backing. I didn’t have enough of any one fabric so I made one of my off center 4 patch backings and loaded it on the longarm last night.

I quilted it with a pantograph I bought at Jodi Beamish’s site Willow Leaf Studio. It’s Ebb and Flow from Lorien Quilting. I’ve had the pantograph for a while but just hadn’t used it. I like the way it looks on this quilt and it was pretty quick and easy.

Someone blogged the other day about their dog getting into their batting. Chesty decides to chew on mine every now and then. He found my brand new roll of Hobbs the other day and chewed off a chunk. Luckily this quilt didn’t need the entire 96 inch length so I let him off with a warning.


  1. Mary, the quilting looks wonderful on the recently finished UFO. I cannot believe that Chesty tore such a big chunk out of the batting—yikes! He doesn’t tryy to eat it, does he?? Speaking of the little guy, good picture of the two of you, BTW.

  2. That would have been my dog Mac, I think!I don’t know what it is about the batting, but he’ll go through the bin in my sewing room and toss aside the material scraps, just to get a snippet of batting. But my boy didn’t do as much damage as Chesty, it looks like he had real fun with that!

  3. Your latest UFO finish turned out great. You are creating some wonderful quilts and at a rapid pace.My cats would have made a bed out of the batting. Glad you had enough left for the quilt.

  4. Our poodle eats toilet paper off the roll! He’ll strip a bunch off one end until it’s down through half the roll at least. And he really eats it! I guess I should be glad he doesn’t ever go into the longarm room, since rolls of batting look like giant rolls of toilet paper!

  5. I really like that panto. I might have to add that one to my collection. And it’s perfect for your blue/green scrap quilt. . . very watery! The picture of your batt is enough to make me always close my spare bedroom door. My Snoopy hasn’t found my batting storage place yet but he did a pretty good job on a down comforter. Looked like it had snowed in my living room. Isn’t life boring without them? =)

  6. The quilt is beautiful. I really like that panto. It adds a lot of motion.It looks like Chesty had a great time with the batting. I bought a whole roll of Warm and Natural and have it standing in the corner of my sewing room. My kittens both decided it looked like a great thing to play on so they shredded portions climbing and chasing each other up it. I don’t let them in my sewing room alone anymore. :c/

  7. The Ebb and Flow panto really gives your quilt the feel of an ocean. Great job!I had a roll of Warm and Natural standing in the corner of my sewing room that my cat decided would make a nice scratching post. Gotta love those pets!Kairle

  8. The quilting pattern looks wonderful Mary! Great pattern! Can I ask you what type of quilter you have? The long arm I mean.

  9. I love the quilting too. As was said above – very watery. My dog Simon eats the toilet paper, but I don’t have a roll of batting so I am safe. Si is a beagle, so I’m pretty good at keeping everything way up high. He has trained me over the years!

  10. I think that in the red and purple quilt you had red in every block, and so you were able to make the red “fences” run all through the quilt. In this one you didn’t have enough of a particular color to make the “fences” stand out, so it looks much more random.I think I like the red/purple look better. Maybe if you do another one one this pattern, you could put the blocks together so that a few “fences” ran through the top of whatever color you had enough blocks? That would make a top that combined a little of both looks.Sara HOmeyer

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