Pineapple top finished

I went to the quilt shop yesterday to get a blue border for my Pineapple quilt – as you see it’s not blue! I really miss my quilt shops in Marietta – the one I’ve been going to here really has limited fabrics choices.
However, they do have a nice rack of fabric that is 50% off. This border was on that shelf as well as 4 other ones I bought – good thing I’m not in the Stashbuster No Buy group. This is not the best picture but the border is a deep purple with a red print.


  1. Wow – such a smashing quilt! I can understand you wanting a blue border, but this border probably lets the pineapple blocks be showcased more. Very colorful and happy quilt – as are all your quilts.

  2. Wow, you have been traveling, and getting UFOs done too! Your pineapple quilt is awesome. I hear MN has been getting snow. Bet that made Hawaii all the sweeter!

  3. this is so pretty. 🙂 I’ve wanted to make a pineapple for a long time. Even cut 1-1/2″ strips for it when I’m cutting scraps down so one day……

  4. Blue would have looked good but this is a good choice. The red picks up on the colors in the quilt. Nice and scrappy! I know I lament leaving my old area quilt shops almost on a daily basis especially since our choices here are getting even more limited than they were. Good to have you back online, Mary and I hope you came back from vacation refreshed and ready to roll.

  5. welcome back mary. missed you. you do look rested and serene. sure chesty was glad to see you. i think this border does more for this quilt than a blue one would. it really makes the pineapple pop. i love it.patti

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