Pineapple top finished

I went to the quilt shop yesterday to get a blue border for my Pineapple quilt – as you see it’s not blue! I really miss my quilt shops in Marietta – the one I’ve been going to here really has limited fabrics choices.
However, they do have a nice rack of fabric that is 50% off. This border was on that shelf as well as 4 other ones I bought – good thing I’m not in the Stashbuster No Buy group. This is not the best picture but the border is a deep purple with a red print.

17 thoughts on “Pineapple top finished

  1. Wow – such a smashing quilt! I can understand you wanting a blue border, but this border probably lets the pineapple blocks be showcased more. Very colorful and happy quilt – as are all your quilts.


  2. Wow, you have been traveling, and getting UFOs done too! Your pineapple quilt is awesome. I hear MN has been getting snow. Bet that made Hawaii all the sweeter!


  3. Blue would have looked good but this is a good choice. The red picks up on the colors in the quilt. Nice and scrappy! I know I lament leaving my old area quilt shops almost on a daily basis especially since our choices here are getting even more limited than they were. Good to have you back online, Mary and I hope you came back from vacation refreshed and ready to roll.


  4. patti in florida

    welcome back mary. missed you. you do look rested and serene. sure chesty was glad to see you. i think this border does more for this quilt than a blue one would. it really makes the pineapple pop. i love it.patti


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