You guys are way too nice but I am beginning to realize that if I’ll walk away from the quilt when I’m discouraged and come back to it later, I don’t see every single wobble and poorly stitched line like I do as I’m quilting it.

I did a few more blocks tonight and they’re getting a little better except for a few places I ran up on the applique. I know I should take those stitches out but I’m debating leaving them in. Since my Aunt’s blanket stitch is all over the place on the applique it seems a bit pointless for me to pick out some stray lines of quilting and I may do more harm than good to the applique itself.

I think in the end I’m going to be OK with this quilt – it won’t be my best work but I will have learned something along the way and since even my worse quilting is better than my aunt could have managed she comes out ahead too!

Of course, I told Debbie that in the future Nancy might choose to send her quilts to Florida rather than Minnesota. After all why have me quilt them when she could have them quilted by an award winning quilter! (Yes, I’m feeling a little inadequate these days!)


  1. That is so true. A little time and space does help with our perceptions. I’m glad you feel better about the quilt. I do emphasize with you tho… I know it’s tough to fulfill your own expectations sometimes. You do beautiful work Mary! I’m sure your aunt is going to love it.

  2. Mary, I’m glad you have taken a deep breathe and decided not to be so hard on yourself. The quilting on that quilt looks lovely to me and I’m sure your aunt appreciates it.

  3. Something tells me that Debbie is hoping that won’t happen but she was definitely leading the pack on telling you not to be so hard on yourself. Sisters are like that. You have really hung in there with this after some minor delays and it will be done soon.

  4. Mary, Mary, Mary…this quilt is going to be loved by your Aunt and she will be proud to say “my niece” quilted it for me. What a wonderful way to practice, practice, practice. I say…good job, well done!Pam@

  5. That quilting looks stunning on your aunt’s quilt. So what if the quilting has run up on the applique – in the grand scheme of things it will be seen or noticed. Don’t be so hard on yourself! 🙂 I’ve always liked your quilting – I’m a strong believer that quilting should add texture to the quilt top and work hand in hand with the piecing. One should not overtake the other. Relax!

  6. Oh, Mary, Mary! It looks quite beautiful to me. About that “award winning” stuff . . just how many shows have you entered? You know you’re not going to win if you don’t enter! I’d be quite pleased with any of the quilting I’ve seen you do. You’re being way too hard on yourself.

  7. You know, Judy is right, you have to enter to win. And if I remember correctly, is has been you over the years goading me to enter…well I finally did, so you can too! And do you think Nancy cares?? She just wants it done and she’s gonna be thrilled with it cause it’s gorgeous and then she can brag to all her friends how wonderful you are.

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