I’m a pack-rat

Today, that’s a good thing. I haven’t hand quilted in years or pin basted a quilt since buying my longarm (5 years ago) so I wasn’t sure if I would have all the supplies I needed to get started on hand quilting my doll quilt.

I found everything needed and pin basted the quilt this morning. I took a look at Tonya’s instructions for hand quilting without a hoop but I have to say I’m finding it awkward. I’m sure I felt the same when when I first tried quilting in a hoop so I’ll keep at it.

My stitches look ridiculous but I’m having fun. They’ll improve over time if not with this quilt then with one of the next ones. Since doll quilts have traditionally been made by children learning to quilt, mine will look authentic!

I had a surprise in the mail yesterday. Actually, for a few minutes I had the horrible feeling I’d been doing too much online shopping because I couldn’t imagine what I’d ordered that came in a large flat envelope type package. It was my swatch card from Virginia Longarm (that’s the small card on top of the apron) along with samples that I wasn’t expecting.

Deb and I have plans to order a couple different colors and split them but when I went to place the order tonight, the shipping charge seemed very high. I held off on the order and have sent an email asking if it’s accurate. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not.


  1. How high is high? (shipping charge). Those things are pretty lightweight, I wouldn’t think it should be all that much. Anyway, let me know what you find out.So where’s the piture of the hand quilting??

  2. I always keep my good quilts in plain 100% cotton pillow case covers that have a zipper and are like $2.50 at Walmart. These look neat with handles and would probably do better for transporting quilts.

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