After hours

Since our move to Minneapolis we’ve been living in an apartment downtown and we’ve decided we’ll stay here another year. It’s very convenient to Keith’s office and with our condo still for sale in GA, my son and his wife renting our house in Marietta, and the housing market still dropping we’re not ready to buy right now.

So…since I’m not sure how much sound carries when I’m using the longarm, I’ve made it my policy NOT to quilt late at night. My sewing machine is in a room that is bordered on 3 sides by other rooms in our apartment and the 4th side is an exterior wall so I feel pretty safe sewing late at night knowing I’m probably not bothering anyone.

My routine many nights is to come into the sewing room after Keith and Chesty head to bed and work for a while. Tonight while I should have been trying to finish up the blocks on my July QFAH top, I made another postcard. Before I started my journal project I’d made 2 cards depicting the birch trees I saw on our trip last month to Duluth and the North Shore that I sent to my sisters Deb and Ann. Here’s the one that will stay with me as part of my journal project.


  1. Perhaps we ought to set up a new ring – Late Night Quilters LOL. The beauty about living in a detached house surrounded by 2 metre thick walls is the neighbours can’t hear, though I haven’t got a long armer, thank goodness 🙂

  2. I like this one, but….and this is just my opinion….I think you should add some of the french knots like on the one you sent me…they really impart the feeling of the falling leaves. Just the texture adds alot, IMHO. But this one is beautiful in its own right. I should shut up now 🙂

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