One of the best (and worst) things about being gone for a week is going through the mail when you get home. After working my way through all the bills and junk mail I was left with the fun stuff!

  1. I’m making an Anniversary string quilt for myself to celebrate HeartStrings first year in *business* and asked members of the HeartStrings Yahoo group for a block to be included in my quilt. I had 8 blocks here waiting for me.
  2. I saw an offer on the MQR list for a set of Great American Quilt books and couldn’t resist and they arrived while I was gone – all 11 of them!
  3. We’re going to a football game on the 23rd when Chris is here – the Vikings are playing the Redskins so I ordered a Redskin shirt for Keith and a Viking one for me. I was a Dolphin fan for years but don’t really follow them any longer and never did get into the Falcons when we were in Altanta so I’m ready for a new team.


  1. Those books look a treat!Hope you get all rested & relaxed again!I was looking at your posts yesterday, when my grandson was here, & he looked at the photo of your family & said how lovely you all looked! He is 5 & very conscious of ‘family’ at present.

  2. When I lived at home, before I quilted, I sat and looked through those for hours, dreaming of making quilts. I should get them from my mom and take a trip down memory lane…

  3. This is certainly a substantial collection of quilt books to add to your bookcase. LOL, wish I had a card to check books out of your library! 🙂 I love books…

  4. I didn’t realize that Great American Quilts was a series! When I looked at the photo that blue one in the middle 1995 looked most familiar…. perhaps it is one of the books I own. I will have to remember to take a look next time I am upstairs in the sewing room! What a great collection you have started! ~Bonnie

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