I got lucky

I realized after starting to quilt this afternoon that this beautiful backing was going to SHOW every flaw and that maybe I should have saved it for something safe like a pantograph. I decided I wasn’t going to post photos of the back if it looked bad.

Not only does it look halfway decent but the tension was excellent and even though I used a variegated thread…no top thread dots on the back. You can enlarge both photos to see the quilting up close. Vicki, maybe I should quilt more often without any sleep!

18 thoughts on “I got lucky

  1. Your wonky feathers look GREAT! I think you should send a picture to Dawn..she would LOVE it! I am still slogging away on my peacock feathers…just too busy with other stuff to get it all done. This next week will be quieter around her..so I will DIVE IN!


  2. Wow I love the wonky feathers and the colour backing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your awesome Dragonfly quilt, you make my day with your inspiring blog and how you love to share your designs. Have a great time away. Happy Stitching


  3. You are one amazing woman…….Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us. Your wonky feathers look great, your mom’s dragonfly quilt is cool and your heart quilt is looking good! I am in awe of how much you have accomplished so far this year!


  4. WOW – that has such a wonderful flow to it and your feathers are perfect! Also love the dragonfly quilt – It’s what I call a ‘happy quilt’ – some quilts just make you feel happy when you look at them and that is one of them!


  5. Hah! You were doubting yourself – a silly feminine characteristic most of us seem to have programmed into us. Well, STOP it. This turned out just fine – perfect wonderful.Once again, thanks for visual inspirations!


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