Done and ready to ship

I finished quilting Nann’s donation top and have it all packed up and ready to ship back to her. If I remember correctly it’s going to be used as a fundraiser for the Library.

It looks like we’re going to make an offer on the 2nd townhouse tomorrow – the 1st ones have come back twice after our final offer and still haven’t accepted it. The realtor thinks they may when they realize that we really do plan to buy the one next door if we don’t get our terms. We’ll see – I’ll update you tomorrow.
I find this all very distracting so I haven’t gotten all that much done but even a little progress is good AND I did finish getting our tax stuff ready to ship off to my BIL including making copies of everything.


  1. Mary,Good Luck with your bids. I’m sure that everything will work out exactly the way it’s meant to be. Glad your back home , miss yourblogging.Marilyn

  2. Idiots! How many offers do they think they get before you just walk away? They’ll see when you do. LOVE all the quilts lately!

  3. I’m always amazed with your quilting. You do such a fantastic job! You inspire me with your talents. Good luck with the offers hope everything goes your way.Shar

  4. Great job on quilting that quilt..I bet it will raise lots of money. House buying is way stressful. Hang in there, hopefully it will all be behind you soon.

  5. Another pretty one for your list. I have a few string blocks ready to sew together today. We need to know more about you Mary….you’ve been tagged.

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