It’s official – we’re moving

Of course we still have the inspection and the appraisal but I don’t expect issues with either. We got the signed Purchase Agreement back today.

I also finished the binding on the Chinese Coins quilt – that’s UFO #12 for the year. I’ll get a photo of it tomorrow – on the balcony since everyone seems to like those best.

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  1. Mary, that’s wonderful news! Congrats to you both and good luck with the packing and moving. At least you don’t have to go too far this time.

  2. Yay, Mary! So glad these sellers are more reasonable than the last! And since you moved pretty recently, you haven’t had time to accumulate all that junk that needs dealing with, right?!Congrats!

  3. YeS! This is great news! You can now move forward with you plans to move and making the townhouse your home. So glad to hear that things are working out!

  4. Congratulations Mary – that must be a huge weight lifted off your mind. Now you can get back to the important stuff – quilting (grin).

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