Who am I kidding?

I had in my mind that I might get 1 or 2 more tops quilted before moving. It’s not that I couldn’t do them if I really put my mind to it but things are in such disarray and I’m really too scattered to focus so I packed up ALL my unfinished tops and the HeartStrings tops I have waiting for quilting today. I’ll carry them over to the townhouse tomorrow along with my Janome Jem and my Wonky Trees….I may find time to make some trees while I wait for Comcast tomorrow.

In addition to lots of progress with straightening and packing today, I finished up my spring journal postcard. It’s basically the same as the one I’m using for our April family exchange. I used card stock on the back of both of these and I really like it. I bought this pack at Joann’s a couple weeks ago – it has a bunch of colors but I do have to trim it down slightly. I use fusible web to attach it and then stitch the edge as usual – it’s working well for me.


  1. Hi Mary! I have a lot of the supplies, but I still haven’t made any postcards. Seeing yours and Deb’s are really pushing me closer to making some. I have a question — when you use the card stock on the back, do you still put anything in between, like the stiff interfacing, or do you adhere the top directly to the card stock?

  2. cute card…so do ya like the card stock back better than the fabric??? Good luck with the move…like I said before…glad it’s you and not me….

  3. When I made postcards regularly I backed them with thin card too. Once they were fusible webbed on and stitched round there was no way they were going to move!! Much easier to write on and attach stamps for mailing too 🙂

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