What a bad housekeeper I am!

Not only do I feel lazy, sitting here on the computer while other people pack up my house for me, would you look at the dust on this now empty bookshelf – where does it all come from??

Chesty is very unsettled by all the disarray and activity. I had them pack up my bedroom first so I could let him out and he went right over and laid down in this patch of sun.


  1. You’re more honest than I am! I’d never show a picture of the 2″ thick dust on my shelves. Moving is tough on a dog . . that’s why I’m never moving again . . I hope! Chesty just doesn’t understand!

  2. If a little dust makes someone a bad housekeeper, then there’s no hope for me! Did you see the comic in Sunday’s paper where this woman was vacuuming the dust from the air to try to keep it from settling? So not worth it!

  3. Mary, dont’ beat yourself up! Dust is so bad here, I can have that much and I dusted YESTERDAY!(oh, and on top of the dust..we get SCORPIONS TOO!) Just write HI in the dust..and get a chuckle. Poor Chesty! After moving so many times when I was growing up, I feel JUST like him when I see boxes! He just needs HIS bed..and a hug…

  4. You’re not a bad housekeeper!!! It’s all of that dust that you stir up will sewing and machine quilting! Ask me…I know!

  5. would you believe 95% of dust is composed of human skin cells? well, i read that on a hallmark greeting card once, don’t know if its true. but it’s pretty gross if it is. you’d think we slough so much we would just one day not BE there any more. well, good luck with those shelves. I love the look of your new space, very clean and pretty. enjoy your new washer/dryer!

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