It fits

The longarm is set up and it fits better than I expected. I’ll only walk around one side (I did the same at the apartment so I’m used to it). If you remember, I downsized to a smaller machine and to a 10 foot table when we moved last year but this room is slightly smaller than the one I used in the apartment.

Deb uses the space under her machine for storage and I might give that a try. In the apartment, I moved the machine back and forth so it didn’t make sense to put stuff under it but I don’t think I’ll be moving it here.

That’s my desk in the corner – already kind of messy but I’ve been *working* off of it for almost 2 weeks now. I need to do some filing.

It looks small in this picture but there’s more than enough space to walk around the machine.


  1. Looks like it fits OK. You don’t have a batting bar under your table like I do, so you could probably get drawers on the font side as well as the back side and have twice as much storage under there as I do.Is Chesty feeling any better yet?

  2. Isn’t it great to get your space set up? Mine is set up so that it is workable, but there is more than needs to be done. Somehow, the “paying work” took over, and we’be been swamped with that. Have fun with your “settling in”Vicki

  3. Mary,Are those edgerider wheels I notice on your Gammill? Do you LOVE them? A few of my friends have them, love them and can’t imagine NOT having them. They say the wheels make all the difference in the world!! No shimmy-ing, etc. I’m still wondering if I really NEED them….Your home looks awewome, by the way!! EnjoyDebbie

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