I had some questions about how I’m making the Mary’s Triangles (they’re really called that) for my RWB quilt.

I found this site today which shows the same method as I’m using except instead of the small squares and rectangles for the blue and beige, I’m making short strip sets. I’m also not making my blocks oversized, I decided on 5 inch finished blocks and although my book has a table with cutting directions for different sizes, I found this website that has a formula for calculating the size to cut the squares and rectangles. Each of the combinations below makes 2 blocks and they go really quickly.

These are my first few blocks…I’ll have more variety in the fabrics as I get more blocks made. I also had a question about how I’ll assemble the blocks – if you follow the link above for my RWB quilt, you’ll see there are 4 distinct quadrants in the quilt. I’ll assemble each one separately like I’ve started below and then sew the 4 sections together.
And for Debbi who wanted to see how I connected my hearts on the quilt from this morning…I just used loops between them.

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  1. Someone also pointed out the Square in a Square technique to me recently, which has a way of making 4 of these blocks at once. I don’t know how to direct link, but got to http://www.squareinasquare.com. Then click on the Perfecting Patchwork link in the sidebar. Scroll down a couple videos to the one called “Perfecting Patchwork -7010 Rolling Star”. It includes other blocks in the pattern, but also the block that you are doing. Calls for a special ruler, but I’m sure, like me, you could do without it!Maybe this link will work:http://go.webvideoplayer.com/tell/xEX2UmuIgtVy7JR63YbL10287

  2. How coincidental! I just finished a top that will be gifted at Christmas using Mary’s Triangle blocks… it went together perfectly and I love the results. Thanks for the link showing alternative layouts! I thought I wanted to use it again, and now I know I will.

  3. Thanks for the links for Mary’s triangles. I am making one of these in blues and creams with this method. The only difference is that I am cutting them with the Easy Angle ruler. It has been a great project to do when I just want to sit and sew and not think!Love the hearts, too.

  4. Thanks for these links Mary! I have always loved this block and this is a simple way to do it.Your heart quilting is soooo cute!

  5. Mary, What a very helpful link, thanks! As for the quilting, I love tour variation of Jamies hearts take flight. I just finished a quilt with that quilting design. Your variation sure would take alot less time. I love it and will use it soon. BTW, Jamie will be at the A-1 booth at the Minnesota quiltshow in rochester next week.

  6. Oh! I’m all for playing! I just LOVE those swirly hearts! back to the white board for me…Does Jamie Wallen have any books/DVDs for purchase?

  7. What a great tutorial for how to make a Shaded Four Patch block!!!I had read of Mary’s Triangles in a post sometime back but never knew what they were. I can’t imagine cutting triangles after seeing this easy way to make them.What an interesting setting you have planned for your RWB off center quilt. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  8. I love your freehand hearts Mary! Great way to do hearts with the top open. I’m going to try something similar on a log cabin quilt I need to finish on the long arm. Yours look wonderful!

  9. what lovely little hearts and trails between them.I must I must I must be brave….and do more than use the stitches on my machine. I have a new foot (for me) a Q foot for the Hus Designer 1 and so after struggling for a while to fit it I am playing around with a quilt sandwich, so no excuse not to try to draw hearts.

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