HeartStrings Sew-in

Blogger seems to have changed the order they upload photos but I’m not going to bother to rearrange them.

First, from our Heartstrings Sew-in yesterday – we mainly worked on making blocks and assembling tops but after I said I hadn’t understood instructions for creating pillowcases with no exposed seams, we had a lesson thanks to Ethel. I only sewed the cuff on the one I was holding before going back to assembling my green blocks but Sheree finished sewing it.

(From L-R) Sheree, Barb, me, Virginia

Here’s a neat gadget I finally broke down and bought – a *spotlight* for my sewing machine. It’s pricey at almost $50 but boy does it help my aging eyes see better.

We took a field trip yesterday to a local quilt shop in Rochester, MN where among other purchases, I replenished my background stash with these fat quarters.
Finally, I can check completing this top off my to do list for October – I assembled it yesterday at the sew-in. Today, I’ve managed to get the binding made and machine stitched to my Boxed Squares – I’ll work on stitching that down later.

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  1. I have been thinking of getting one of those little lights for my HQ, to use on the back of the machine for when I am doing pantos.I love this quilt! The colors are so soothing! Green is one of my new favorite colors. Do you still need blocks?

  2. I have a little goosneck light that I bought from a yard sale that sits on my sewing table, but it does take up space. I might just ask for one like yours for Christmas.

  3. I love that pillowcase pattern. I make new pillowcases for the boys every Christmas with their favorite cartoon character of the year. (It changes all the time!)

  4. I love that little light and I love it love it love it. I got one for my birthday a couple of months ago and I have it installed on top of my Prodigy. Just finished a quilt with LOTS and LOTS of SID…boy was this handy! Very handy when you have old eyes…and other old parts to 🙁 Shari in AZ

  5. Good Morning, I’m concerned about using the magnetic light on my machines, I have heard,and read, that anything magnetic should not be used on computerized machines. Both my regular machine and long-arm are computerized. How do you feel about this and have you heard the concerns? I really would be great to have. Thanks. G.

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