I’ve got 5 of the 8 postcards I need for the December exchange completely finished now. The photo doesn’t do these first ones justice – they’re very cute. The fabric has red and green tinsel like threads running through it, the trees are green wool held in place by red beads.

I backed and finished the edges on the 3 snowmen postcards too. The first one I just did my usual zigzag edge but on the other two….
I stitched a straight line and then used a deckle blade to trim the edges. I like this edge best.
I have an idea for the remaining 3 cards but I need to refer to a one of my postcard books first. Back to quilting for a little while and then it will be time for another break.

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  1. Those trees are just wayyyy to cute .. they ought to be illegal 😀you can have a ‘rough’ edge on the postcards?? I didn’t think you could do that .. I emphasize with you on the wacky sleep schedule .. i suffer as well .. i was up for 36 hrs myself – finally fell asleep at 3am and was up around noon .. with the sleep hangover that follows too .. but i’m motivated and have gotten back to the wash go mary go!!you still up?grace

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