I’m excited again

I mentioned I’d signed up for another online journaling class but I didn’t realize it was starting today – how great was it that one class ended as the other one began.

This is going to be SO perfect. I got the introduction and the first prompt and she wrote.

This album’s framework has three sections: Here, There and Everywhere. In the first section – Here – we’ll document the places near us and the short journeys we take regularly. The second section – There – will be home to the travels you have taken so far. Section three – Everywhere – will be filled with your notes and a few daydreams about the places you still want to go.

I love Minneapolis, I love traveling, this class is made for me. I’d actually done just one page a few months ago using a photo from my trip to Copenhagen last year…I can’t wait to start making an entire album.

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  1. Just by reading your blog…I think this class was made just for you!! It seems you are always walking to local restaraunts and places to meet your hubby. Enjoy your class. I look forward to seeing your completed pages.

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