1. I’m with Chesty … that’s 4 pm CENTRAL time … it’s 5 on the East Coast and almost 11 pm in the UK … probably lying down because he’s faint with hunger! LOL Boy, oh boy … they sure do know how to play us, don’t they?

    Flatlander (Linda)

  2. Ahh, he’s just trying to make you feel guilty for leaving him at home while you were off to Ireland….Arlo does the prettiest sits when he wants dinner. And, if you ignore him, he goes to the door, rings his bell at the door, then sits in front of his bowl.

  3. The wavy lines make it even more sweet.
    Belated Happy Anniversary to you both. Isn’t it great to get it right the second time around? Me too!!

  4. Pooooooooor Chesty!!sniff,sniff He’s told us everything…how you give him no treats and keep him in a box with no air holes and how he gets 4 little pieces of kibble a day….he’s guilt-tripping you big time. Guilt is such a great weapon, my lab uses it all the time and if you ask him? I keep him in a box with noooooo air holes…..lol

    Lori in VA

  5. I love the lime an dteal together – is that quilting what they call line daning maybe? looks like they danced along the lines for the quilt.

    chesty is so cute… 😉

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