Let’s blame Judy

I like scrappy backgrounds and had been buying fat quarters for variety but this latest quilt is using them up pretty quickly and soon I’ll be left with very little….so I did some shopping at Thousands of Bolts a site I learned about from Judy.

In this case the variety was more important that the individual fabrics so I wasn’t nervous about buying them online and am really happy with just about all the fabrics. One or two I wouldn’t have picked if I saw them in person but they’ll work fine in scrap quilts so it’s not a problem.

Not that I’m encouraging you all to enhance your stashes but the prices are really good….

My spa day yesterday was really, really nice — I was still a bit lonely but Keith and I are heading to Florida on the 13th for 9 days so I’m focusing on that trip rather than being lonely this week.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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  1. I have always been happy with Thousands of Bolts. I will not go look, I will not go look. 🙂
    Hope your Birthday was filled with great things.

  2. Happy Birthday Mary. Been wondering where you were. Glad you had a nice spa day and can look forward to Florida.
    Diane in Alaska

  3. Check out those fabrics. Fantastic. Glad you had an enjoyable day & happy you'll be making down to the Sunshine State. We appreciate visitors. 🙂

  4. nice stack of lights! Would be good for applique backgrounds…

    Looking forward to seeing you later this month.

  5. My DH left today and will not be back until Sunday evening. I usually feel lonley as soon as he leaves but for some reason I have really been looking forward to 5 days on my own. Of course, I usually plan to get a lot done and then use my time relaxing instead. And the puppies love when I am lazy. LOL

  6. Happy birthday! Don't you love the way they label each fabric? I think that's my favorite part. Also, their photos are so bad, that the fabrics almost always look a lot better than I expected, which is another bonus 🙂

  7. would you believe that just today while the kids napped I got on the phone and called Keepsakes… for more WOW fabrics!

    I went there during my retreat in NH in April and buying WOWs was the main thing on my list that I “NEEDED” and that place is SO HUGE – we had 3 hours to shop there.. and the I remembered seeing the WOWs but then after the first “observation” hour I went back to pick some and could not find them! The store was so busy with the 70 of us retreaters there plus the public… and I asked twice and each time was directed to the COC bolts 🙁

    Wish I had known about Thousands of Bolts…. like you I think I'd be safe with ordering these on line without seeing them in person first.

    So did you order 1 yard cuts of each or 1/2 yards? Looks like you have lots of variety… 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  8. ok Mary, how did you get to the white on whites on their website????? I can't seem to pull them up – coudl you please forward me your shopping basket LOL 🙂 ~bonnie

  9. Looks like you're doing your bit to keep the quilting industry going Mary! I could do with some more neutrals in my stash …

    Glad you enjoyed your spa day, and happy birthday! We're all with you in spirit and look forward to your posts to see what you're working on now. Do you have a favourite batting? You must get through a lot of the stuff LOL

  10. I can always justify adding neutrals to my stash…when you need them they are never in the shop! Best get them when you see them (at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!) Happy Belated Birthday!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Mary! I'm sure Keith will make up for not being there for the day o:) You're right about Thousands of Bolts. I had a Chinese Lanterns class last year and we needed something like 28 different fabs – I bought from ToB and it was so reasonable – and I enough leftovers for at least 2 more quilts!

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