1. But look, there you are with your Kindle 2. You can't feel alone when you have that neat little reader. (I so want one)

  2. Ohh, a glass of wine, a bunch of tomatos … and kindle. IT would be nice to have your soul mate there but the meal looks pretty good to me. Glad to see Chesty and the green quilt back on your blog header. (That is the same header I remember from last year, right?)

  3. You are soooo good. Look at that healthy dinner! I am impressed. Me? I'd probably have something like a greasy cheeseburger if hubby were away.
    Enjoy the book– I know you have one ready– or on the Kindle.

  4. That looks like a wonderful dinner for one! I've been on my own now for a couple of months (my last daughter moved out) and I'm enjoying doing exactly what I want, whenever I want to do it.

  5. That looks wonderful! My own hubby leaves next week for a couple of days and I am going to borrow your idea. 🙂 We should call it “Wine and cheese without thou.”
    Now if only I could get a kindle…all would be right with the world. heehee

  6. I don't mind an evening to myself once in a while. I like your wine and cheese idea. That might be even good for 2 some night. We're so traditional, meat, veg, starch, desert, tea – almost every night. Maybe once in a while pizza.

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