Puttering along

Vicki’s pinks are working well with mine and as you can see, I’ve decided to go with pink pinwheels…so I’m puttering along making half square triangles and sewing my blocks together.

I’m almost embarrassed to mention it but for some reason I was thinking these blocks were going to be 12 inches resulting in a quilt that was 60 x 72 without borders but with 4 inch finished triangles the blocks are obviously 16 inches and my quilt will be 80 x 96 — quite a big difference not that it matters.

Up in the corner, a quick experiment based on a quilt seen on Kathie’s blog...these will eventually be alternated with a background fabric but it hadn’t occurred to me to use my strings for the Tumblers.

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11 thoughts on “Puttering along

  1. Mary, the blocks are great! And the tumblers…I love those too. I just left Thousands of Bolts…….she is going to be busy and I will have some great backgrounds for my stash. Oh yeah, the other prints for Miranda bags for DDs Christmas presents. It's so much fun to shop online in my jams…… 😉


  2. I am in the midst of my first project that uses pieced strings as you would a solid piece of fabric, and I love the look. Your tumblers are great — I especially like the diagonal pieces.


  3. I love the pinks. That's going to be a very fresh and calm quilt. I'm amazed at the variety of your quilts. The tumblers are such fun and lovely and bright, and the strings are going to look so lively somehow. You really don't let yourself get stuck in a rut do you?


  4. Yesterday I was cutting tumblers from scraps and there were some leftover blocks in one of the containers. I was determined to empty that container so I placed the template on the blocks and cut away. It actually made me laugh and in the end, that shoebox was empty.

    You will be happy using an alternate tumbler to show off the stripped pieces.


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