Framed rectangles

I’d been thinking about making a framed rectangle quilt for a while — there are several patterns out there and Judy just created a GORGEOUS version so I decided to play around in EQ6 and see if I could come up with one myself that would just use dies from my GO. So using the 3.5×6.5 rectangle, 2 inch and 2.5 inch strips this is what I came up with and I like it!
Just a note about the GO Cutter. Angie had written that she has a GO and has been very upset to find some inaccuracies in some of the dies. After her email I checked my 5 inch die and found it to be slightly less than an 1/8 inch short on one side.

Apparently there’s a Yahoo discussion group and some unhappiness with GO in general but I have to say I’m still VERY happy with my cutter and the dies I’ve used. Even with some variations, all my quilts have gone together well and I’ve been thrilled with the results. Of course, I’ve never been a perfect piecer so I’m used to working with blocks that have very small variations.

So just one more thing to consider for those of you that have been looking at the GO. By the way, there is some discussion about ways to minimize the variation by paying attention to grain and using a piece of paper….if interested — check out the Accuquilt Yahoo Group — you have to join but you’ll get more than one point of view there.

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  1. I'm still very pleased with my studio cutter. I did notice with my last shipment of studio dies that they were made in China. I have to say I am a bit sad about that! I still need to try the string tumbler as my string bin is overflowing

  2. OH I like it, can't wait to see more, please do share as you go with this one.

    I am trying to convince myself I don't need a GO cutter…but I think I want one :>)! I continue to chat about it with my *little* quilting buddy Mickey (granddaughter)…and she just smiles! She does a lot of free design of blocks with her quilts, and thinks she wouldn't use a GO that much ;>)!!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and all of your ideas…you have me hooked on *string piecing*, thank you!

  3. Mary, your upcoming quilt is gorgeous. The colors are beautiful! I will be following your progress. You have all those beautiful fabrics? or does this mean a trip to the quilt shop?
    In regards to the AccuQuilt GO! cutter, please, everyone using this system double check your resulting fabric cuts. I am testing more dies, and it's not good news.

  4. Like this one and am inspired to finish loading EQ again after computer changeover.
    I need oh I need a good read of the tutorials and a practice.

  5. Love the look of this pattern – it's fun to create your own version to suit your requirements! Love how the tumblers are coming together, esp the string ones 🙂

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