Just the two of us

Everyone left today including Keith so it’s just Finn and me. We slept really late and have had a lazy day! I do plan to get upstairs and work on my half square triangle blocks and maybe even get a backing pieced for the next t-shirt top that I plan to quilt this week.

I’ve been looking at my GO dies and there are a a number of them that I haven’t used yet. The 3×6 inch finished flying geese is one of them and I’ve been thinking about what I could make with it. Maybe a border? But I also like the idea of a woven geese quilt using two colors and a background. Normally I go scrappy even with two colors using lots of different fabrics but this could be really quick in just 3 fabrics – a blue, a red, and a white.

Using the 3×6 finished geese die, it would make a 12 inch finished block. If you like smaller blocks you could make your geese 2×4 inches finished and that would give you an 8 inch block but you’d have to make more of them.

The side strips would be cut 3.5 x 12.5 for the 12 inch blocks and 2.5 x 8.5 if you were making the smaller 8 inch blocks



  1. I tend to be scrappy in my fabric choices, too. But this in just three colors would be very graphic and cool to do! Here’s hoping you’re feeling a bit better with each passing day!

  2. I like this idea – thanks for sharing the diagram. Most of the quilts I make are scrappy, even the QOV.

    Get some rest and snuggle with Finn a bit.

  3. I used mine to cut all the roof pieces for that pink houses quilt I made last year. Too easy.
    Keep up that rest, and take plenty of time to get used to the medications. It usually takes a while to get the dose right for each individual.

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