Tour de France

This is something you won’t normally see – I never sit in the family room and watch TV when Keith is out of town except during the Tour de France. Hours of knitting each night cuddled up with Finn! I’m making good progress on the burgundy scarf and am already knitting the ribbed edge. Of course there are LOTs of stitches on my needles so it will still take a little while to finish it up but I think I’m going to cast on something for me after this one – I’ll have 8 to donate next time I go up to VA.



  1. Hi! Glad to see someone else is watching the Tour. Lol My Mom and I used to watch it together before she passed. We got started watching to see all the old castles, villas, churches….. Then was sucked into the strategy and other drama of the ride. Can’t believe they do this on purpose. lol Going up and down mountains at breakneck speeds and the crashes are scary. Enjoy the tour and knitting. Rest is important for healing but adding the knitting makes it productive for you in so many ways. Thinking and praying for you. Cris

  2. I am happy that you are able to enjoy the time watching the Tour and knitting. The not normally truly describes your life as seen from the blog reader’s viewpoint. You could often win the Energizer Bunny of the week award from what I see.

  3. Enjoy those relaxing hours in the chair with Finn and your knitting. I used to try to catch a bit of the Tour de France, but haven’t watched any in a few years now. Now that my older daughter has been doing long distance biking, I’ve found my interest returning.

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