Miles of binding

It feels like I’m making miles of binding …. finished last night, these two are bound.

Before starting work this morning, we took a long walk, along the beach and explored Fort Preble


Finn’s been resting since we got home and I made binding for 3 Happy Block quilts and got it machine stitched on and am sitting here listening to my audiobook while I stitch them down.


  1. Congratulations on completing the binding on two quilts. I’m working on binding two QOV today. The walls of the fort are made from massive stone blocks!

  2. I’m really show at binding, but got 1/4 of the way around a quilt while watching the Vikings game yesterday. Thanks for sharing the info on this historical fort – I found it very interesting. I never realized that the Confederates came as far north as Maine during the war.

  3. It takes me much longer to sew bindings down. My arthritis gets to the thumbs and the one finger currently affected after about 2 hours of slow stitching and fast stitching isn’t an option.

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