Fox and geese version 2

I’m still playing around with the Fox and Geese quilt – I like this RWB coloration better  than the first one I think. In that one, the red was in the larger triangles and the blue in the smaller and while I liked the overall look, I think alternating blocks made from red with ones made from blue look better.

You could make this several ways

  • as a 3 fabric quilt using one background, one red, one blue as shown in the drawing
  •  using one background but different reds and blues – making each block from one fabric plus the background
  • same as above, but using different backgrounds in each block
  • go scrappy with your reds and blues using  more than one red or blue in a block but keeping your background to one fabric
  • or go completely scrappy and use multiple blues and reds in each block and using a scrappy background too.

This is a smaller quilt and I will probably make it in kid friendly fabrics using 3 and 6 inch half square triangles. Block size would be 12 inches finished.  Refer to my previous post for ideas for a larger veteran size quilt. 


Eventually I’ll add this one to the website but there’s enough information in these two posts to get you started if you want. And if you didn’t see the vintage inspiration quilt … it’s in this post.

There’s also another option for placing your colors … look closely at the inspiration quilt and you can see that they change the position of the light and dark fabrics and have a “dark” background block and a “light” background block and alternate those two.

Have I given you lots of options or confused you?!!


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