Is blogging dying?

I keep reading that blogging is dying and that people are using Instagram instead. Since my blog is my journal, that’s not going to happen here but I’m curious if you follow blogs or Instagram? Did you blog in the past and stop?

I admit that I only occasionally look at Instagram and usually only when Chris tells me he’s posted a photo of one of the girls there. (I prefer he just send me the photo in a text or email). I’m also not a big Facebook user but I do look at it a few times a week to keep in touch with my big extended family.

I found some new blogs this morning and rediscovered some that I’d followed in the past but that had somehow gotten lost when I changed my blog reader to Feedly. Maybe it’s just me but I think blogs generate more conversation and make more of a connection.


  1. I only read blogs — I’m not on Facebook or Instagram. Quite a few of the blogs I used to read often have dropped them, but there are several others that I still follow. I’m glad you’re not leaving and I hope those others don’t leave either!

  2. I have never blogged on a regular basis, just because I haven’t really developed an ease with it. I will be going to Quilt Market and Festival Nov 3-9 this year and have promised to blog about it in exchange for being allowed to attend Market. I need to get a few more posts up to be more comfortable with it. I look at Instagram and Facebook occasionally too….for inspiration and to keep up with friends and family. It’s a nice way to keep up with what’s going on with everyone so when I see them, I am pretty up to date with what’s going on.

  3. My blog is my journal too. I almost never look at Instagram and would much rather read a blog. I do use Facebook as well. I joined a couple of “sew-alongside” on Facebook over the past 2 years, which was fun. But I feel like I’ve gotten to know people better via the blogs. I’ve even managed to meet a couple of blogger friends in person now.

  4. I had to get off Facebook. It sucked up way too much time. I think WordPress has started to come close at times with hogging my free time, but I’m not as desperate to check on it like I was with Facebook. I follow a variety of sites and nobody that I know in person, so I don’t need to stay caught up. 😉 I do catch up though, which is why you’ll receive several notifications in a row.

  5. I spend my free time reading blogs as they are what I prefer. I think there is a more personal touch there. I don’t do Instagram – too cold and too quick. Same with Facebook – just too much going on constantly. I used to do Facebook but no more. How many times do you want to look at someone’s lunch? I have never blogged – guess I don’t have a lot to say. And I’m not very productive, so everyone would be extremely bored with me. I’ve found some new blogs recently that I’m enjoying, as well..

  6. I all for the blog too. I use mine as my quilting journal as well. I read my favorites each morning from my reader. I watch a bit on instagram, but am not too crazy about it since instagram decides what/who I should see.

  7. Yes, I think many bloggers have moved on to Instagram, but like you, my blog is a journal for me and I love the blogging medium. I’ve been blogging for 11 years so I guess that makes me old school. 🙂 I too like the way blogging allows us to tell more of a story and I’ve made some dear friends through it.

  8. I’m not on Facebook. I follow several blogs and I have Instagram, but I’m probably not using it right. I don’t post anything.

  9. I do Facebook mainly because of family and there are some good quilting pages to join. I also do Instagram but only use it to look at the photos and get ideas, I have never commented on anything. I think both of those are for people on the run who don’t have much free time. I also think Blogs are not as popular as they used to be but I prefer them over the other two. There can be more interaction but also more content. I am retired though so I do have more free time to explore blogs.

  10. I enjoy reading blogs and get a lot of enjoyment from it. But I also like instagram. FB just seems to suck time.
    However, there are a few groups (quilting ) that I enjoy for support and information.

  11. I have a strong preference for reading blogs over Instagram or Facebook posts. Bloggers tend to use the medium to tell stories, whereas it seems that Instagram and Facebook are used for short, snappy one-liners. I like to read stories behind the photos, and bloggers are much better at providing stories.

    Sydney, Australia

    • This sums it up for me too! I have a blog as well, but am constantly fighting the urge to just delete the whole thing as irrelevant–I mean, who really gives a damn about what quilts I’ve made or my political beliefs? Still, I really enjoy reading yours while sipping my morning cup of coffee.

  12. I do both, but prefer blogs. The instagram stuff gets so lost it seems to me and isn’t conversational. Sometimes for a quick hit it is ok, but not where I prefer to be. I may have to get more with it!

  13. I prefer blogs over FB and Instagram. Not happy with FB at all lately. Takes too much of my time. I told hubby when this iPad dies, I don’t want it replaced. He can use his all the time but I noticed a big loss of quilting time since I’ve had my iPad.

  14. I think instagram and Facebook are better if you’re running a business – which is why I don’t use them and just blog! I quite like that fewer of the blogs now are trying to sell you something.

  15. I don’t think blogging is dying. Ithink that the casual bloggers are stopping but committed bloggers still get traffic. But I loathe Facebook but it, and Instagram, are absolutely required for business. The day that I shut down my business is the same day that I’ll delete my Facebook account. I’ll keep my blog forever because it’s my journal.

  16. I read many blogs on a regular basis,but have never had my own. I don’t use Instagram and only have Facebook to keep up with family and friends. I very seldom post anything there.

  17. While I’ve not ever blogged, I do appreciate the time and effort bloggers put into creating posts. The creativity that is shared on a blog is inspiring as well as entertaining. Facebook has its uses but it also has its aggravations! I’ve never figured out Instagram (nor have I tried very hard!). My goal is to be mindful of how much time I spend on the internet because if I’m busy being online, I’m not busy at the sewing machine! Thank you for blogging, Mary!

  18. I don’t blog but I started reading blogs and for me that’s wat I prefer reading over instagram. Thank you for blogging. Love reading about you n your family and all the tips n tricks n patterns!

  19. Committed blog reader here. I don’t belong to Facebook, nor use Instagram and never likely to. I much prefer the story aspect of blogs and would rather be sewing in any time saved!

  20. I rarely check my Instagram account or Facebook as it is just too time consuming. I do appreciate the continent of your blog and do hope you continue with it.

  21. Blogs are what i like the best. Enjoy each and everyone I read. Hoping blogging isn’t going away.

  22. I have never blogged but I do like to read others blogs. I don’t do Instagram and don’t plan on doing it.

  23. I don’t do social media but I do follow a few blogs daily, one being yours. I prefer to choose blogs where I could learn something useful versus something like Facebook that just shows me what’s someone’s had for dinner.

  24. I read blogs daily and I’m sure my family wonders about me. I am always telling them about some blog. I follow a limited number on Instagram and a limited number on Facebook. My Facebook friends are mostly family and close friends and not crafting sites. If their posts annoy me I stop getting them. One of my favorite blogs is theYarn Harlot. She doesn’t post frequently so I also follow her on Instagram. I thought about blogging at one time but I know I wouldn’t be consistent so skipped that. I don’t even comment a lot. Some blogs are difficult to make comments. I don’t subscribe to blogs. I just have my own list of favorites. I have seen some people stop blogging. Most of the ones I like have been blogging for the nine years I’ve been reading them. And yours is one I check daily!

  25. I also use my blog as a journal and will most likely continue until I run out of ideas. I have an a Instagram account but have never used it. I’m on a Facebook but never post. I, too, like the conversations and connections that blogs generate when readers take the time to leave comments.

  26. I only read blogs. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram or none of that. It’s alot just to keep up with the emails I get. Enjoy your day!

  27. I am glad to hear that you are not considering dropping the blog! I don’t have time to wade thru facebook and instagram doesn’t suit my interests. So, I’ll be coming back as long as you are here. Altho I must admit that I have considered dropping some of the blogs that are so heavily laden with adverts.

  28. I’m a reader, enjoy blogs. Plugged my blog-comment on the wrong post so came by to check out the comments here.

  29. I LOVE blogs. Do I FB? Yes, but mostly just to keep in touch with what is going on locally in our small area~Long Beach Peninsula, Washington State. Like you I check out Instagram only when family says something about having new things on there. BLOGS are my morning inspiration. The first thing I look for when I open my computer. I did blog for a couple of years. Generally only weekly posts. I’ve now changed to a group email for family and friends on a monthly basis.I have to admit to NOT sharing as many pictures.

  30. I still blog, primarily to keep track of what I do and why. I might only do one or two a month one of which is generally speaking a Blog Hop with bloggers I’ve been in touch with for several years. I don’t facebook but I do IG. I find it is a speedy process and it has increased my idea pool as I IG with both people I blog with and people I didn’t have any contact with before.

  31. I am on FB and follow blogs. I don’t have an Instagram account and don’t plan on getting one. Yes, I feel at times that I might be missing out on some beautiful quilts, trips, etc., but I prefer the journal style of blogs. Thank you for all the inspiration you give with your quilts. Oh, by the way, my hubby and I are coming to Tampa in January and would like some recommendations on good walks to take. We like views and nature a lot. Just two days ago, we finished a 7 mile hike to a lake in the hills about 2 hours from where we live. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you have!

  32. No facebook nor instagram for me! I’ve learned so much from reading quilt blogs, and also have made lots of friends, some of whom i’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person. My blog is a journal of my quilting, and also unfortunately, it seems more and more a record of my health problems this year. That needs to change! —“Love”

  33. I too prefer blogs because you get to know the person and feel they are friends. Do not belong to Facebook or Instagram – don’t intend to. I hardly have time as it is to read all the blogs I want to follow. Have recently stopped posting on my own blog because of time constraints and computer problems. It is so frustrating when the computer quits working and no one can fix it in a timely manner. Summer is just so busy for me and this year was a bear. I’m trying to get back in the groove with my posting too. I want to make it more of my journal, but sometimes I forget to take pictures of finished items. I always enjoy seeing your quilts and hearing about your travels. Hope you stay blogging for a long long time.

  34. I follow blogs. No instagram account. I do FB but mostly to keep up with my large family spread out over the West.

  35. Me too! So many of your commenters prefer blogging to Instagram and Facebook and I do as well. I’ve never use Instagram and no longer do Facebook. Life is more than snappy one-liners and I despise Facebook’s invasion of privacy.

  36. I prefer blogs. I am on Facebook, but not Instagram and only on Twitter because it was strongly suggested by the school district I work for to keep up-to-date on school activities. I do blog, but it is more of a journal for me. I enjoy your blog and hope you keep it up.

  37. A lot of the bloggers I follow have dropped off and turned to Instagram. Though I do follow Instagram, I don’t check it regularly and it’s not the same as reading a blog. I am glad that you and a few others I follow are continuing your blog posts.

  38. I don’t ‘do’ Instagram. I like reading about what others are doing, not just looking at pictures of their finished (? …are they all finished on Instagram??) projects. Thank you for continuing to blog!

  39. I’m another one that only reads blogs; no IG or FB for me. I have learned so much from bloggers like yourself, and appreciate all they share. I do have a blog and have considered closing it down, but for now, it’s my journal, so it stays up.

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