1. It would be very interesting to sit next to your mom and bind my own quilt. We appear to have exactly opposite ways of stitching down bindings (despite both being right-handed)–I can’t even picture how she does it!

  2. I hope the sewing therapy helped the cold symptoms! Can’t imagine how speedy your Mom would have been had she felt better! I absolutely love, love, love that quilt!

  3. I’m new here. Had a delightful visit! Can’t wait for more! Your Mom is a champ! : ) Brenda, Bend, Or.

  4. Your mom is such a little sweetheart. If we ever met, I would give her such a big, squishy <>. I think it is such a treasure that you 2 can make quilts together. I had a chance to do a bit of quilt making with my mom when I went ‘home’ to visit her one October a few years ago and she cut whislt I sewed and it was so much fun. I wish we lived closer to be able to share these moments more often. Love those memories. (:

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