More scanning

I’ve been putting off finishing up the scanning of Keith’s family slides … not wanting to drag everything back out … but there are just two more slide cassettes to do so after he left this afternoon I got everything set up in the breakfast room.

Finn found it pretty boring!

But Keith is happy to get access to these last photos … it’s been years since he’s seen them. My favorites of course are the ones with him like this one with his grandparents!

No sewing today but I have been working on the linen stitch baby blanket – my tension is a bit uneven but I’m not going to pull it out … I’m just trying harder to be more consistent.


  1. Love seeing old memories. I stopped scanning mine a couple of years ago but seeing this sort of makes me want to start again. It is time consuming and I have so many projects in the works already but I do need to get the slides done. Keith will love it I am sure!!

  2. I am curious about the scanning of slides. We have tons – we have been married over 50 years. Can you tell me what equipment you need. I see you are using a laptop. Is that enough for storage or do you park it somewhere else? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. We dug out a bunch of boxes full of family history photos today — looking for my baby pictures, as people keep telling me our youngest granddaughter looks like I did. Sure enough! We could be twins. It’s so satisfying to see all these old pictures and remember those we’ve lost. You are a very good wife to be doing this for your fellow. Such a labor of love!

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