Bow Tie blocks

This one is quick and easy! I’m using the 6 inch finished Bow Tie dies for my GO. It’s a two die set with the triangles on one die and the block that they’re sewn on to on another die. I also have have a 3 inch square die I could use but it’s easier to cut those myself.

That one purple looks pretty dark in the photo … but it’s the light in my sewing room. It’s just not good for photos. Here’s a close up of it.

Right now I’m making 4 blocks from each fabric unless my scrap isn’t big enough so the colors will be mixed up more in the final quilt. I just couldn’t wait to see the blocks up on the design wall.

I’m pretty sure this is the setting I’m going to use. I shared two vintage quilts a few weeks ago that I found on eBay and I’ll eventually make one using both settings I think.


  1. HI Mary, this question is only tangentially about your post. I recently bought a Accuquilt and have been using it to make flying geese. Have you ever used your cubes to make geese? I think I’m using Dies 4 and 5. I’m finding that the right “wing” or second sky piece is a little small and I’m having to finagle my sewing. Did you find this to be so as well? Thanks for your help.

  2. Ooooh… purdy! Are these from that bag you showed a couple of weeks ago? I love them! Which one of the 2 vintage quilt settings are you going to use? I can’t wait to see this gem all done! WTG!

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